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Case E: Leadership and Compensation at NFM
Student 8 Evaluation
April 12, 2016

Student 8 begins with a very strong introduction to their analysis of Case E. They provide clear and concise detail on the premise of this case, establishing their knowledge and verifying the credibility of their future opinions. I appreciated how they incorporated a common thread throughout their analysis of balancing both Sally and Bill’s concerns and future plans. This student also did a good job of providing substantial alternatives for the next steps at NFM. I would’ve liked to see more statistical data to back up the need for change as quite a bit of statistical analysis was provided in the case itself.
This student succeeded expressed the primary issues, but did not really convey why the changes were needed. The article does a good job of outlining the need for Bill’s evaluation as it discusses the CFO’s unhappiness with some of the current salaries, but this, along with other supporting evidence, was not featured in this analysis. This student does a good job of providing potential alternatives for the sales force and explains his/her opinions well. Specifically on page 3, they discuss their dynamic plan of first adjusting territories, then changing the compensation plan, and finally making more adjustments as necessary. I would’ve liked to see more options though. It seemed the section of the paper dedicated to listing potential solutions was utilized as more of an introduction of their recommendations.
This student included a chart from the case in their analysis, which helped readers understand from where the author was drawing their conclusions. Overall this student demonstrated a good understanding of the case and completed a fairly strong paper. There were quite a few grammatical errors that I believe could have been avoided with a final proofreading prior to…...

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