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The Ritz-Carlton Hotels focused on stability in organizational culture. Managers want to maintain the status quo, so they train their employees precisely and specifically with the old rules and standards which were set up a century ago. For a luxury hotel, these standards are used for a long time, so they are “old-fashioned”, and treat people as royalties in the palace. Guests will feel that they are treated with totally respect and seems like they are the Queen or King. This is very important for a luxury hotel because the cost for living in the hotel is much higher than in the normal hotel or inn. The Ritz-Carlton Hotels give guests the royal service to make sure guests like to spend money in their hotels. The drawback for the culture is significantly. Nowadays, people live in the modern society. The basic concept that they receive from elementary school is that God creates everyone equally. Maybe some of the people feel embarrass or strange when they first get in the hotel. Employees are treated as servant, and speaking respective language. The new-times people will feel those employees are in a lower level, and this experience will confuse with the concept that they learn from their little age. Also, if the company choose to change their culture to a new one, the biggest problem is that there are some of their guests get familiar with their old culture, and they come to live in the hotels are because of the old culture. If the hotel changes it old culture, it may lose these guests. The Ritz-Carlton Hotels choose to maintain their old service way but required their employees to communicate with their guests and make the guests feel more comfortable and natural. From my personal perspective, the happiest and most successful people in this culture are the new employees. They don’t need to copy the old rules and standards, and they have the…...

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