Case 2 Innocent Ltd: Being Good Is Good for Business

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Title: Introduction: Case 2 Innocent Ltd: Being good is good for business
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...For the purpose of this assignment, I have observed how employees do their tasks at three local stores; a small family run restaurant, a fast food restaurant, and a large-scale supermarket. I live in a small community with fewer than 7000 people within its city limits (U.S. Census Bureau, n.d.), yet there are five small restaurants, seven fast food chains, and two supermarkets. Because there are several options for consumers, businesses need to make the most of their operations and materials management (OMM) processes to draw in as many consumers as possible, and to keep them as loyal customers. The operations, which are, “The value-creation activities that convert a company’s inputs into finished goods and services” (Jones, 2007, p. 373) for these three companies have some similarities, because they are in the service industry, but there are also some differences. The small family run restaurant takes a different approach concerning greeting their customers and bringing them into the restaurant. Someone is at the door immediately to greet them with a warm smile, take them to a seat, and bring them beverages. Even during peak hours, they are sure to greet each customer and let them know how long they will wait before they are seated, if there is a wait at all. The employees of the fast food restaurant, on the other hand, do not greet the customers until they reach the counter to place their order. The customers walk through a maze of ropes to reach the counter, and if there...

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