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Although there is a large amount of similarities between most of the various available accounting positions, there are also many significant differences that are very often overlooked. These overlooked differences play a huge role in the misconception that being an accountant is simply about organizing numerical values. Choosing four positions that branch from accounting at random, one can easily determine what these differences are and bring them to light. For example, Tax Examiners, Bookkeeping Clerks, Budget Analysts, and Cost Estimators. The immediate similarities that one would normally state when any of the above positions are mentioned would be that: 1) These accounting job opportunities are all office-based with very little deviation. 2) The nature of each position’s work is to examine numbers from their specific fields, interpret them, and then present them to a higher council. However, in a more in-depth analysis, there are many other details that describe such positions, and each opportunity is accompanied by its own set of unique responsibilities and specifications.
Work Nature of Each Position: (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Tax Examiners: Employed by the government, most tax examiners are hired with at least a bachelor’s degree and a background investigation. At roughly a work schedule of 40 hours a week, they spend most of their time in government buildings or traveling around the state gathering information on tax returns and compiling them to assess liabilities. Typically, their activities involve informing and analyzing taxpayers for accuracy and financial honesty.
Bookkeeping Clerks: Bookkeepers are the foundation of the accounting position. Their main responsibility is to keep financial records updated legitimately. However, they are also known to keep track of salaries, payrolls, and many others in organized ledgers. They work 40 hours a…...

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