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Personal Career Development Essay

Choosing the right major is complicated and so complex. There are some majors that sound interesting and some are boring. However, choosing the right major is important. It doesn't only give you good paid job, but it serves as your key to a better future goal. Moreover, deciding what major you want to take takes time, you have to do some research about the course description; and where and what colleges or universities you can go to that focus best regarding the majors. Furthermore, opinion, help, guidance, and influence from other people affect the decision of what major you want to take. However, even with the help and guidance of other people, there will still be obstacle that will come your way. You must ready to face it.
First, knowing what your abilities are is important in choosing what you want to major. Before I decided to go into accounting, I was still so undecided. I change my decision from one major to another, and back and forth. I researched some well-known colleges and universities that offers good major, or sounds like a good major for me. Unlike for others, that it goes other way around. They decide what they want to major first; before they decide which school they would go. However, after some unsuccessful research for colleges and universities, I tried to give a little twist or more effort in doing research. I tried to research in specific areas, like accounting, business administration, business management, nursing, fine arts, and even culinary. After doing many researched about different majors, I do some reflection about what are my strengths, and weaknesses; what are the qualities that I have that are suitable in a particular major. For example, For instance, Baruch College is part of the CUNY system. However, Baruch in a business related college, unlike in Queens College, which also part of CUNY system…...

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