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Caregiver burnout problems can show up mentally, emotionally, and physically. The nurse becomes unnecessarily agitated, anxious and confused just like a patient with UTI. Sometimes the crave to finish the job that was started or attempts to meet with date line may create so much professional frustration that it is no longer easy to hide the symptoms. I am of the opinion that reading or just taking a few minutes as recommended to set oneself up for the day is a good idea. However good that recommendation may be, given the nature of nursing profession and the vocational demands, it is not usually possible to organize oneself before getting report and starting the day’s job. There nurse end up stressing and burning out through their entire career as care givers.
According to Ermak (2014), burnout is the issue of compassion fatigue which is the emotional strain of dealing with traumatic and difficult situations on a daily basis. Nurses should understand that their responses to these emotional things can become normal, and it shouldn’t be. There should be some kind of relief to staff who face stressful or challenging job related anxiety to help the recuperate before getting back on the floor for patient care. Therefore ready, even taking a few minutes of meditation before work commencement is absolutely advisable
One cannot exhaust the benefits of reading. Mahon (2014), says that there are known positive effects from reading including better oral communication, more self-confidence, better vocabulary, more participation in community-building activities and helping you relax. In other words, reading is a fantastic excuse for us to take the 3-minutes before work or time out during our shifts to read.


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