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APRIL 2016.
1.0 Background of the organization……………………………………………………...... 3
1.1 Application of internet in new crystal hospital service limited………………………. 5
1.2 Benefits derived from internet………………………………………………………... 10
1.3 Enablers and constraints of internet …………………………………………………. 17
1.4 Recommendation to improvement…………………………………………………..… 19
References……………………..……………………………………………………….…. 21

1.0 Background of Organization.
Modern institutions in Ghana are being transformed gradually into full technological environment to standing the global competition and improving the quality of service delivery, in this instance hospitals in Ghana are no exception. The New Crystal Health Service LTD was established in 2003 where it operated as a dole proprietorship to cater for the residence within the Ashiama, Tema community, treating local cases catering for maternal cases and other minor cases. In 2005 the sole proprietorship finally was registered and incorporated as a limited liability company under the companies code 1963 (Act 179). The hospital is a private healthcare service provider and forward looking institution with its head office located at block A1 adjacent to the Ashaiman main lorry station. The facility is fully furnished and readily accessible being located at the middle of Ashaiman town. The location of the hospital, surrounding roads networks and commercial nature of the metropolis has made the hospital one of the busiest in the country as it serves a very good purpose within the country. New Crystal Health Service LTD is one of the fastest growing private hospital…...

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