Capital Punishment the Right to Kill

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Capital Punishment: The Right to Kill
Debra Gonzalez
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Capital Punishment: The Right to Kill

Capital punishment has been a source of debate since its inception; the public continues to dispute this highly controversial issue. A struggle exists between Americans who are fighting for a safe and secure society and those individuals who want to abolish the death penalty. Capital punishment may be a controversial subject; however, it is a critical issue that must be addressed in today's violent society. Many people can not decide if the death penalty provides the necessary punishment and deterrent effect that is needed for criminals but, capital punishment is an aspect of criminal sentencing that needs to be evaluated. The United States Supreme Court judgment in Furman vs. Georgia in 1972 came to the decision that the death penalty was a violation of the eight amendment because of the inconsistent manner by which it was carried out. However, in the 1970s, 34 states across the nation ratified new legislation on capital punishment that met the standards set by the Supreme Court. The most significant change in the history of death penalty cases transpired when United States legislators and the Congress passed what is now know as the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act .This made a capital punishment sentence possible for various federal crimes. Across this Nation there were approximately 15,000 legal executions of convicted inmates; and more than 7,700 of the legal executions have occurred in this century. As of today, 38 states have statutes involving capital punishment for convicted criminal offenders. An over whelming 3,610 inmates are condemned to death row in prisons throughout our Nation. Opponents of capital punishment consider the death penalty the…...

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...should not have to pay with his or her life. Yes, it is true that people do commit horrible crimes but to kill a person for their immoral behavior is not just. Some people may think that capital punishment is justifiable but all it is is revenge. Instead of killing the person we should lock them up behind bars, where they are away from the general population. Offer the person counseling so that they can become a healthier person both mentally and spiritually. To just kill someone for their actions does not solve anything. When we kill for justice, the only thing that separates us from the criminal is the reason why we are killing. A death for a death does not help any situation. The victim will not be brought back to life, the only thing that happens is that two families are greatly affected. Two wrongs do not make a right, the death penalty should be abolished from the laws of our country. In the Old Testament there are many references to capital punishment. The Mosaic Law set numerous offenses that were punishable by death. In Exodus 21, God commanded capital punishment for murderers. The consequences were harsh to prevent people from doing wrong. On the Sermon on the Mount Jesus is calling us to love our enemies and turn the other cheek. The New Testament reverses the old ways of thought. An early Christian writer St. Clement of Rome spoke heavily against capital punishment. He said that "to witness a man's execution, regardless of the justice of his prosecution, is......

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...Capital Punishment which is also referred to as the death penalty is a process in which a person’s crimes are of a certain manner or type and they are given the death penalty as punishment for these crimes. This is a subject in which I have mixed opinions and emotions about. Each situation is different and should be examined individually to determine if capital punishment is the best alternative or way to deal with the offender. The punishment should fit the crime. Criminals are punished as a way to pay them back for the crimes they have committed, and we execute the worst of them out of moral necessity for greater good of society (Burns, 2005). There are situations in which I feel that capital punishment, the death penalty should occur. In circumstances where a person is a repeat offender of horrible crimes such as murder or anything involving children should get the death penalty. These offenders are more harmfulto the world and the people in it. The fact that the offenders have repeated their crime and been incarcerated more than one time for the same major offense shows that they have notbeen rehabilitated nor have no intentions of becoming better than they were. There is no pointis releasing these people back into society or to continue housing them in a state prison somewhere. There are many reasons that people are against capital punishment all together. The first reason that people do not agree with capital punishment would be the fact that......

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Capital Punishment the crime, then he should be indeed big enough to take the punishment that follows. “Capital punishment, the death penalty, or execution is the sentence of death upon a person by the state as a punishment for a crime.” ( Basically Capital Punishment is the country’s major punishment, for what they consider to be the most major crimes. It is a subject of active disagreement and controversy in various countries and positions in the argument can vary with a single switch in political hierarchy. To count there are about fifty eight countries that still recognizes Capital Punishment. Surprisingly most of the European and Asian Countries are the ones prohibit the use of Capital Punishment. And oddly even though most of the world physical land masses rebukes Capital Punishment, most of the world’s population still resides in countries that still strongly agree with the use of Capital Punishment. But here in The Bahamas, our situation is quite a special one. We are a free independent country, our laws say that we recognizes the use of Capital Punishment in the country, it obvious that a country cries for it, but the dilemma is that it is not being carried out. But the question raised is why? What is the hold up, and how do the Bahamian people feel about the whole situation? Chapter 1 “Capital Punishment in the Bahamas; Gone but not forgotten” Capital Punishment in The Bahamas has been a practice long before the ages, from...

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