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Canyon Ranch Spa

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Canyon Ranch Spa

Eric Moody
Professor Jeff Stevens Ph.D.

Table of Contents
1. Summary of the problem
2. The technology that is used to analyze the case and the technology that was discussed in the case. 3. Summary of Available Information
4. Pre-Analysis of the study
5. The analysis section
6. Recommendations References

Executive Summary

In spite of dramatic growth of the spa industry, little attention is still paid to information technologies, thus, operations remain low tech. As CIO at Canyon Ranch, based on the customer information available to Ranch Canyon, it is necessary to decide how to build effective customer relationship management (CRM) and business intelligence systems at Canyon Ranch. It is also important to analyses the impact these systems would have on the Canyon’s Ranch strategy and capabilities.

Summary of Available Information

1. Canyon Ranch Business Units.
2. Canyon Ranch Services.
3. New Services and Sample Packages and Services.
4. Canyon Ranch customer profile.
5. Canyon Ranch Rates and Packages.
6. The structure of the spa industry.
7. Overview of the Information Technology (IT) at Canyon Ranch.

Pre-Analysis of the study

Computerization was always seen as a thread rather than an opportunity for the spa industry, since many spa visitors were seeking an escape from their technology-intensive world. However, competition and the realities of current market conditions necessitated Canyon Ranch to reinvent its marketing and IT strategy. In this regard, it is important to place a great deal of emphasize that Canyon Ranch is considered as the golden standard of the industry, and it is especially true with its Health and Healing department. However, notwithstanding the high growth of the unit, its profitability leaves much to be desired. There is also low synergy…...

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