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Professor Valdez 5/21/15
My Observation Paper Children are not easy to take care of but going to observe them really showed me the hard job that teachers have over the span of 10 months. Over the length of my essay, I will discuss my own observation that I had to do of a classroom, how the children acted during my visit, and an important topic in education which is multi-cultural diversity which is present in almost every classroom all over the country. For my observation, I visited a 1st grade classroom in my old school which is Yeshiva Derech HaTorah. I attended this school from 1st to 12th grade so it just me made me want to go and observe one of the classroom but for once, not as a student. The teacher’s name is Morah Maya, she is a close family friend as well so I figures, she would be on board with me coming in and she was. I was very excited for my visit in her classroom and was actually looking forward. In the classroom, there is 27 children with one head teacher and 1 teacher’s assistant. Though you may think this is a crazy ratio but it’s not because since this is a private school, the classroom are not that big as you would see compared to a public school. Even though there is only a teacher and an assistant, there is also one speech therapist assigned to one child to help him and there is also one Occupational Therapist in the classroom as well. The schedule of this 1st grade is different every day but since I visited on a Friday where the day is shorter for them because they all have to get home and get ready for Shabbat, their day still consists of all 3 teachers and here is their schedule: (Will be shown at the end of the essay). The next part of this essay is the floor plan of the classroom that I visited: (Will also be…...

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