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Task Two: Leadership Practices analysis Task Two: Leadership Practices analysis

C200 Managing Organizations and Leading People C200 Managing Organizations and Leading People

Table of Contents Section A1 | Leadership Style and Practices | | A1 A1a | Seven Habits Profile Seven Habits Profile and Reflection | | Section A2 | Evaluation of Leadership Practices | | A2a A2b A2c A2d | Leadership Strengths Leadership Weaknesses Theory Based Changes to Maximize Success SMART Goals | | Section B | Works Cited | | B1 | Reference Page | |

February 5th 2016
Managing Organizations and Leading People
A1. Leadership Style and Practices – Seven Habits Profile

A1a. Seven Habits Profile Reflection
In this paper I will reflect on my own leadership practices, starting with the results of my Seven Habits profile. Upon first viewing the results of the seven habits profile, the lowest scores caught my attention first. I saw that section 5, putting things first, was the lowest score at 10 points. I agree with the the seven habits profile, this is my biggest weakness when evaluated on the seven habits criteria. I can admit that sometimes I get lost in my work and forget about the things that really matter and the bigger picture. An article in People Management says that people who follow this habit well “recognize that not doing everything is okay. Evaluate whether your efforts exemplify your desired character values. propel you towards goals, and enrich your roles and relationships.” (Costello)
The putting things first category is not my only low category, beginning with the end in mind is the second lowest category on my seven habits profile. I think that having these two categories as my lowest categories indicates my leadership style…...

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