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To be submitted in e-centennial drop box on Wednesday, November 25, 2015

1. Provide ten sentence summaries of articles in your own words appearing in the program that you are majoring in (e.g. Project Management, Global/International Business, Human Resources/related to written report).

| |Date Read |Source (APA) |Sentence Summary |
|1 |23.03.15 |Debt burden rises as income growth slows. |Despite the fact that the debt burden among Canadians has |
| | |(2015, March 13). Globe & Mail [Toronto, |increased due to slower income growth, household new worth |
| | |Canada], p. B1. Retrieved from CPI.Q. |rose as a whole as a result of rising value in both real |
| | | |estate and financial-market assets. |
|2 | | | |
|3 | | | |
|4 | | | |
|5 | | | |
|6 | | |…...

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