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Question 1
Identify the various Media of communication and methods of communication that can be used by the front office manager with guest this from the time of the first enquiry to the follow-up that may take place after the guest has left.
Communication plays an important role in the management of organizations and the achievement of their goals. A manager passes information to employees working at different levels orally and in writing also. He receives the replies in the same manner. Whatever be the media of communication it should maintain the clarity of facts, opinion and information. It should presented in a decent manner with proper wording and timing. The information must be clear without any confusion and ambiguity. The communication of information must be well worded, properly timed and transmitted in decent manner. It is also necessary that the message must be consistent i.e. the action must coincide with saying. If the supervisor makes a lot of promises, but not fulfill them in such a case it would be called that consistency does not exit. Feedback of information is necessary to adjust the action to desired objective. a) MECHANICAL MEDIA OF COMMUNICATION. (E-mail and Telephone call )
These form of media of communication will the first one that the guest can able to communicate with the hotel in case they would like to make reservation, the guest may communicate through email or telephone, the oral methods of communication and written is mixed together in order for the communication to be proper and full understand by both parties. For example the guest may call the hotel to make booking and after the call conversation they call make a follow up by writing an email stating all that they have been discussed telephonically.
Example of mechanical media include the…...

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