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Business in Computers

I understand that some students that have already graduated from College are having a bit of trouble getting their new businesses started. I know of a tool that will be extremely helpful and is already available to them; the
Internet. Up until a few years ago, when a student graduated they were basically thrown out into the real world with just their education and their wits. Most of the time this wasn't good enough because after three or four years of college, the perspective entrepreneur either forgot too much of what they were supposed to learn, or they just didn't have the finances. Then by the time they save sufficient money, they again had forgotten too much. I believe I have found the answer. On the Internet your students will be able to find literally thousands of links to help them with their future enterprises. In almost every city all across North America, no matter where these students move to, they are able to link up and find everything they need. They can find links like "Creative
Ideas", a place they can go and retrieve ideas, innovations, inventions, patents and licensing. Once they come up with their own products, they can find free expert advice on how to market their products. There are easily accessible links to experts, analysts, consultants and business leaders to guide their way to starting up their own business, careers and lives. These experts can help push the beginners in the right direction in every field of business, including every way to generate start up revenue from better management of personal finances to diving into the stock market. When the beginner has sufficient funds to actually open their own company, they can't just expect the customers to come to them, they have to go out and attract them.

This is where the Internet becomes most useful, in advertising.…...

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