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Unit 1 / M1
The relationships that Ellenor and Sainsbury’s want to build with their stakeholders.
The primary stakeholder associated with Sainsbury’s which will want to build strong and influential relationships are: * Customers * Employees * Government
Customers will be the main stakeholder in Sainsbury’s; therefore Sainsbury’s will want to build up a strong relationship with these valued customers because ultimately the customers bring them their business and profit. To achieve there aims and objectives they will need to do this with the support of their customer fan base. One of Sainsbury’s primary aims which I previously found in another report was to make: ‘Customers’ lives easier, offering great quality and service at fair prices, serving our customers whenever and wherever they want.’ Therefore Sainsbury’s will need to ensure that they provide all customers what they specifically want, tailoring each product as best they can for each customer giving them a personal experience.
The Primary customers for Sainsbury’s will also be members of the local community. The business is a small local business and therefore only aims to serve this demographic. It is important for Henrys Bakery to gain the trust and consequent support from the local community. The Local Community and customers are linked quite closely as effectively the local community are the customers. Henrys Bakery relies heavily on the Local Community as their primary market. To this end the need to act and operate in a way that the local community would approve of, for example they advertise the fact that they are economically friendly with their produce. In doing this they gain the respect of the local community and therefore increase their customers. The local community and customers probably have the largest influence on Henrys Bakery without the community of Longfield…...

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