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Keys to Success
Vocabulary and the GRE
Your vocabulary will be the make-or-break factor in your GRE verbal score. Experts agree, vocabulary is the most important factor in the GRE verbal section. In fact, the GRE Verbal section is nothing more than an advanced vocabulary test. If your vocabulary isn't up to scratch, you are putting yourself at a serious disadvantage.
What experts say about vocabulary and the GRE:, a leading authority on GRE preparation say:
"Even though GRE Verbal is composed of several parts (such as reading comprehension, analogies and antonyms), it is basically a vocabulary test. If you have an extensive vocabulary, you will do well.", makers of GRE test aids say:
"the GRE verbal exam will test many words candidates will be expected to understand"
Preparing for the GRE
There is a lot that you can do to prepare yourself mentally for your GRE exam. This is just as important as studying and revising, because you will score much better if you are comfortable with the idea of sitting the exam rather than stressed to high heaven on the day of your test! Some of the things you can do include: 1. Mental rehearsal of the exam situation 2. Predict (and avoid!) disasters 3. Psyche yourself up with a countdown calendar
We'll look at these tips in some of our other lessons.
Get Enough Sleep
Sleep is very very important for your GRE exam results. No, I'm not suggesting you have a nap in the middle of the test! But you absolutely must be properly rested if you are to perform at your best on the big day.
Starting at least two weeks before your test, you should be ensuring that you are sleeping regular hours. In particular, if your test is scheduled for first thing in the morning and you usually sleep in, you must move your body clock a little so that you will be alert on the test.
During this time, you…...

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