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To understand the most important characteristics of a society, one must study its major cities.

Is it really possible to study main characteristics of a society without study of the cities that are part of that? Sociologist have a wide variety of technics that help them to find main features of a society such as study major cities, study works of literature and study monuments. There can be no doubt that study major cities of a society can make a significant help to understand that society. In my view, study major cities is not necessary for discover important characters of a society.

First and foremost reason why study major cites does not make help is that a territories if a society my be spread among many countries and sometimes many continents. For instance, Western society is spread between North America and Europe therefore study a city such as New York City and Paris not help us but also distract sociologist. For example in New York City people always in hurry and usually eat fast foods on the other hand in Paris people pay more attention to their mealtime so eat their food in peace and some times take more than an hour to eat their main course. Thus who only studies these two cities cannot understand whether people in Western society have their meal in a hurry or peace.

A second instance in which study a major city is not necessary is that it takes long time for a society to form, so study a city only shows the contemporary situation of that city. For instance, study a current situation of Beijing - capital city of China - does not help us to understand important characteristics of East society. These days modern cities are changing dramatically and it is very hard to find static characters in them. In Eastern society people usually spend their time with their family at home but these days in a city like Beijing new recreation facilities…...

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