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Assignment 1: Business Profile

* The student is to select and research a specific business and write up the results of the research in a paper. The selected business must have at least 50 employees. You may select a business owned by a friend, a relative, or a neighbor, etc., or where you previously worked, did an internship, etc. Or you may select a company you know nothing about. * Selected companies must be approved by your TA, either by discussing the company before or after class, via email, or by setting up an appointment to meet with them. * Research will require an interview of a current chief executive, or c-suite executive, as well as scholarly research on the company and/or the industry to supplement the interview answers and support the paper with data. * In addition to other questions you might choose to ask, the following questions must be asked in the interview and must have a clear section in the paper dedicated to addressing each answer: 1) What business are you in? (Describe the business, the products, the services, the history, etc.) 2) Who are your customers? (Describe the customer demographic. Is it consumers? Business-to-business customers? Describe today’s core customer versus tomorrow’s new customer or potential customer.) 3) Who owns this business? (What form of business is it and why was that form of business chosen? Is the owner one individual? Shareholders? Partners? A family?) 4) How does the economy affect your business? (Describe generally how the economy impacts the business. Specifically, describe how the recession economy of 2007 to 2009 impacted the business. How do heath care and political issues stand to impact the business?) 5) What are the biggest challenges your business faces every day? (Describe daily and on-going operational challenges that the…...

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... |Submit your team summary of the discussion in a a 550- to 700 word Microsoft® Word document.| | | |Learning Team |Resources: Ch. 1 & 2 of Excel® in Microsoft® Office 2010. |Oct 19, 2011 |100 | |Efficiency and Collaboration | | | | |Proposal |Scenario: Imagine you are an employee of Party Plates, a company that manufactures decorative| | | | |paper plates and napkins for special events. Your team has been assigned a new project. The | | | | |president of your company has tasked you with improving the efficiency of the current | | | | |information systems used in the sales department, because the current systems are somewhat | | | | |antiquated. Your organization is currently using Microsoft® Excel® to track all personnel | | | | |data, but would like to migrate to a relational database like Microsoft® Access®. You have | | | | |also been tasked with identifying...

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...Managerial Applications of Information Technology – MIS535 DeVry University, Keller Graduate School of Management June 16, 2013 Table of Contents Abstract 3 Brief Company background 3 Discussion of business problem(s) 4 High level solution 4 Benefits of solving the problem 4 Business/technical approach 5 Business process changes 5 Technology or business practicess used to augment the solution 5 Conclusions and overall recommendations 12 High-level implementation plan 12 Summary of project 12 Abstract The principal objective of this paper is to identify the different kinds of software and hardware available to improve the economic growth of the Smith Enterprise business. To add several IT strategic planning in order to solve the problem in the MacKenn Enterprises Company. Smith Enterprises currently is losing money and has no inventory or supply management. It has no ability to track down current cost or any financial data. The company has no support of cataloging for pricing of any product. Records are not filed, and there is no real organization. By implementing new technology to this company it can be more productive and self sufficient. With new software and other new equipment it will make a tremendous impact and smooth management of the company. Brief Company background The name of the company is Smith Enterprises. The company is just a small owned home business......

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...PRELIMINARY REPORT Project Name Project Address (Part 1 of 3) Date T2408SamplePrelim 29-Jul-2010 Enforcement Agency Use Building Permit # Checked by/Date GENERAL INFORMATION Date of Plans Building Conditioned Floor Area 39,700 Climate Zone 12 HOTEL/MOTEL GUEST BUILDING TYPE PHASE OF CONSTRUCTION NONRESIDENTIAL NEW CONSTRUCTION HIGH RISE RESIDENTIAL ADDITION ALTERATION STATEMENT OF COMPLIANCE This Certificate of Compliance lists the building features and performance specifications needed to comply with Title 24, Parts 1 and 6 of the State Building Code. This certificate applies only to a building using the performance compliance approach. Documentation Author Signature Date Telephone The Principal Designers hereby certify that the proposed building design represented in the construction documents and modeled for this permit application are consistent with all other forms and worksheets, specifications, and other calculations submitted with this permit application. The proposed building as designed meets the energy efficiency requirements of the State Building Code. Title 24, Part 6. ENV. LTG. MECH. 1. I hearby affirm that I am eligible under the provisions of Division 3 of theBusiness and Professions Code to sign this document as the person responsible for its preparation; and that I am licensed in the State of California as a civil engineer, mechanical engineer (envelope & mechanical only), or electrical engineer (lighting only)...

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...buisness assignment By: Abbas Jomaa Due: 29/03/2013 Teacher: MR El Masri Subject: Business studies Business studies assignment Page 1 ………. Business title page of the report Page 2 ............ Table of content Page3........... Executive summary Page 4................ Why goods and services are central to both marketing and operations Page 5.................... Examine why ethical behaviour and government regulation are important in marketing including one example of ethical behaviour and one example of a NSW or Australian government requirement Page 7............... Assess why a mix of marketing and promotional strategies are important in the marketing of goods and services Page 9............. Identify the elements of a SWOT analysis. Explain how a situational analysis assists in a business planning Page 11...... Bibliography Executive summary Operations is the business process that involves transformation or, more generally production. It is a term that applies both to the manufacturing and service sector. It involves the turning of raw materials and resources into the outputs of finished goods or products. Marketing is a total system of interacting activities designed to plan, price, promote and distribute products to present and potential customers. As consumers are constantly exposed to all aspects of marketing consumers might be mislead or manipulated into buying a product that does not meet the requirements it is......

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...(2008 Course) 2 T.E. (Mechanical) (2008 Course) 3 T.E. (Mechanical Sandwich) (2008 Course) 4 Monday, 11.11.2013 Transportation Engg.- I (301010) Hydrology & Water Resources Engineering (301006) Machine Design – II (302047) * 10:00 a.m. to 02:00 p.m Theory of Machine & Machine Design – II (302064) * 10:00 a.m. to 02:00 p.m Turbo Machines (302045) Mechatronics (302065) Tuesday, 12.11.2013 Wednesday, 13.11.2013 Friday, 15.11.2013 Saturday, 16.11.2013 ------------------------------------------------- Foundation Engineering (301010) Environmental EngineeringI (301009) Structural Design II (301008) * 10:00 a.m. to 02:00 p.m Project Management & Engineering Economics (301007) Turbo Machines (302049) Mechatronics (302050) ------------------------- Metrology & Quality Control (311048) Refrigeration & Air Conditioning (302051) Tribology (302066) Project Management & Computer Application (301007) --------------------------- * Please note the Timing SEMESTER I: TIME 2.30 P.M. TO 5.30 P.M. Day & Date T.E. (Civil) (2003 Course) 1 T.E. (Civil) (2008 Course) 2 T.E. (Mechanical) (2008 Course) 3 T.E. (Mechanical Sandwich) (2008 Course) 4 Thursday, 21.11.2013 Saturday, 23.11.2013 Tuesday, 26.11.2013 Thursday, 28.11.2013 Geotechnical Engineering (301004) Structural Analysis – II (301001) Machine Design – I (302041) * 2.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m Computer Oriented Numerical Methods (302045) Heat Transfer (302042) --------------------------- --------------------------Structural......

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... | |02. |Eligibility for equity support from the EEF: | | |1.      The project will have to be a new one and belong to either of the sectors viz., software industry or food | | |processing and agro-based industry. | | |2.      The sponsors/entrepreneurs applying for EEF support will have to be a private limited company registered under the| | |Companies Act, 1994 and established old companies can also apply for EEF support by setting-up a subsidiary new private | | |limited company. But in case of a software company registered on or after 01 January, 1997 will be treated as a new | | |company. | | |3.      The total project cost (including net working capital) of the proposed project will have to be of minimum 0.50 | | |(half) crore. | | |4.      The project shall have to be viable technically & financially. It should be environment-friendly. Importance shall| | |be given on the appraisal of the entrepreneurship such as: educational qualifications in......

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...efficiency of the management within the organisation. Barbour brown engineering ltd is a firm that consulting and concentrating on civil and structural engineering projects. David Barbour and Neil brown are the mangers and the owners of the company. David and Neil operate the company from a small town office. The company comprised a small number of staff which was headed by David and Neil (Managers) , two qualified engineers , two qualified technicians and one apprentice technician. The current structure of the company was according to hierarchy of authority with David and Neil been on the top of it as manager’s. In 1980s both of them worked together for a large city firm call floyed and fleming ltd in 1989 floyed and fleming company decided to close the branch office to concentrate their business in the city and after that neil and david discussed about the possibility of continuing to offer the engineering counsultancy service in the town under a new joint partnership. John Colbert the manager of the john Colbert civil engineering company and a university friend of neil .he retired soon and have come to a discussion with Neil Brown about a merger within the two construction companies since they have worked together in numerous projects. If its proposed it will be in the ambition of to become a stronger business in this construction sector. after john joined to the company the whole company has been changed....

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...Juice Bar project 1) U.S. sales of organic food and beverages have grown from $1 billion in 1990 to $26.7 billion in 2010. Sales in 2010 represented 7.7 percent growth over 2009 sales. Experiencing the highest growth in sales during 2010 were organic fruits and vegetables, up 11.8 percent over 2009 sales. Organic food and beverage sales represented approximately 4 percent of overall food and beverage sales in 2010. Leading were organic fruits and vegetables, now representing over 11 percent of all U.S. fruit and vegetable sales. According to Organic Monitor estimates, global organic sales reached $54.9 billion in 2009, up from, $50.9 billion in 2008. The countries with the largest markets are the United States, Germany, and France. The highest per capita consumption is in Denmark, Switzerland, and Austria. 2) The growth in popularity of juice bars has been directly related to the push for more health conscious beverages. Many juice bars offer healthy 'boosts' or mix-ins, which add to their popularity. Juice and smoothie bars are popping up everywhere--in gyms, airports, grocery stores, cafes, malls and college cafeterias. Soaring juice sales and growing demand for healthy, natural produce make the consumer market ripe for juice bar businesses. If you are thinking about starting up a juice bar business, you will need to study the market and competition, and acquire the necessary licenses and permits. You may also want to consider hiring a consultant with a track record of......

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...Forgives delivery errors * Judges content over delivery * Interrupts only to clarify * Gives speaker a chance before judging * Is not obsessed with emotional words * Considers evidence 4. Business Reports are the ones prepared in the organizations for formal purposes. Business Reports may be classified as follows, on the basis of Purpose of preparation: Routine Reports l Progress Report l Inspection Report l Performance Appraisal l Periodical Report Special Reports l Investigation Report l Survey/Feasibility Report l First Information Report l Project Report. 5. ‘Kinesics’ literally means ‘body movements’. Bodily movements, gestures and body language is an important factor, especially in face-to face communication, as here the message is communicated by a number of factors like facial expressions, eye Chapter 6: Non-Verbal Communication movements, gestures. Body language is the reflection of thought, feelings and position. All bodily movements, postures, gestures etc. are guided by our thought processes, emotions etc. By nodding our head, blinking our eyes, waving our hands, shrugging our shoulders and various other ways we send out signals and messages that often speak louder than words. That is why this area of enquiry has been called body language. Just as language uses sets......

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...The VW Scandal, A REVIEW OF THE BUISNESS Contents The VW Scandal, A REVIEW OF THE BUISNESS 1 WHY IS THE VW SCANDAL IMPORTANT TO BUISNESS PRACTITIONERS? 2 What is the relevance of this issue to business operations at present and in the future? 3 How might this impact business? 3 Conclusion on effectiveness of the VW group’s handling of the scandal 4 What other discussions in the press, professional circles and in your own practice relevant to the topic/issue selected 5 References 6 Bibliography 7 WHY IS THE VW SCANDAL IMPORTANT TO BUSINESS PRACTITIONERS? The VW Scandal brings to light the issues with organizational structure, moral and ethical issues within large international companies, A BBC News report outlined business structure: “It's still unclear who knew what and when, although VW must have had a chain of management command that approved fitting cheating devices to its engines, so further departures are likely.” (Russell Hotten October 2015). This issue highlights the importance of business structure as with lack of it in a large company can cause people to take irrational possibly immoral decisions. These decisions have the potential to cause major fallout for the company, Reasons for preforming immoral business activities can vary and (Cowan, R. & Rizzo, M.J. 1995). Have looked into when immoral acts can actually be justified if the outcome is for the greater good for ethnical reasons. In the case of VW, they wanted to become the largest car......

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...advertisements and registration, in store and word of mouth are the primary methods used 2.In which ways do you engage or interact with customers attending your promotional/educational events? We have workshops for kids (4-12), Do-It-Yourself workshops for the general public, Do-It-Herself workshops for women, and online videos and tricks to guide customers through a project. Our workshops last from one to two hours, during which we work side by side the participants to guide them through simple DIY projects. Kids workshops require an attending adult, where we demonstrate simple safety and construction skills like how to use a hammer and wood glue in order to construct simple projects like stools and bird houses. At adult workshops we show attendants how to preform simple home improving projects properly and safely. We work side by side and demonstrate easy tasks like tiling a backsplash or laying laminate flooring. At these workshop we show participants how to safely complete these types of jobs, which tools are needed for specific jobs, how to care for and protect your tools, and give advice on ways to make many projects easier. 3. In which ways do you feel it is important to tie the types of events you hold to the image of the store? If it is not why? It is very important to keep events clean, safe and enjoyable, just like the atmosphere we provide in our stores. We genuinely care about the success of the attendants of these workshops, as we genuinely care about......

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...the final project. Your presentation must include the following: • A definition of a delivery method and how it would be applied for the project • Pros and cons of a different delivery method • A recommendation of the delivery method you chose Coordinate prior to working individually, so different delivery methods are discussed. One team member, for example, might present a classroom delivery method, whereas another team member may present a Webinar, and a third member may present a Podcast. After the due date for the individual assignment passes, share your presentation with your Learning Team, so the team may hear your pitch or reasons why not to use a particular delivery method. If this is an online class, the presentation must include speaker’s notes for each slide, showing what you would say if you were delivering a 10-minute presentation Slide 1 & 2: • A definition of a delivery method and how it would be applied for the project Self-Directed Learning is considered informal and very successful in training new skills. Employees identify what and how they want to be trained to achieve their individual goals. The individual takes the initiative and responsibility for their learning. Employees can select, manage and assess the learning that is available on their own time schedule and location. The employees must be self-motivated and self directed to engage in this type of training. 2: How it would be applied for the project To......

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...Analysis a Textile Designer Teacher name April 21, 2012 I have had the pleasure to find a replacement for my previous position as I was promoted to Head Textile Design Manager for Princess Fashions Inc. I had the task of hiring and training a person for my previous position as a textile designer. Hiring is not that easy of task to do. There are many challenges that need to be addressed such as advertising for a replacement, interviewing many candidates, reviewing their qualifications, hiring and training. A thorough job analysis is needed to complete the process along with information about the different theories of human resources. It will be discussed in this research project, the measures used to hire, interview, train, and create a title for the replacement employee. This discussion will include the offering salary for the replacement, hiring requirements, training tools used, what is expected of the replacement and a performance evaluation to score the new employee. I do have an advantage in my favor from previously training new hires in the same department as me. Although I was not part of the hiring staff, knowing what was needed from the replacement having done the job for 5 years gave me a comfortable advantage. To begin the search for a replacement, a description is needed to clarify to the candidates who and what is needed to fill the position. Job descriptions are written......

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... Market Share 15 Growth 15 5.Responsibilities of the Organization 16 (Task2) 19 1.Types of Market Structures 19 1.1 Perfect Competition 19 1.2 Monopoly 20 1.3 Oligapoly 21 2. Market Condition of Dialog Axiata 22 3. Current Demand and supply of Dialog Axiata 22 4. Global impact of Dialog Axiata 24 (Task3) 25 Fiscal policy And Monetary policy 25 Taxation 26 References 26 List of Diagrams Figure- 01: Business Organization Structure Figure- 02: Structure of the Dialog Axiata PLC Figure- 03: A supply curve of a perfect competitor Figure- 04: Dialog Growth in Customer base. Introduction The following project is conducted on organizations internal and external environments (BE). The purpose of this project is to complete the three criteria’s and evaluate a decision. Thus the requirement of the project is to apply all the given theories to all three tasks. The document contains a brief description on the selected few headings, * Market Types (task 1) * Market Structures (task 2) * The Fiscal Policy and Monetary Policy (task 3) The proper interpretations of the headings are contained in the document and the exercises to chase obesity away from our lives are mentioned as well. 1. Types of business organization Business represents all profit motive economic activities, trading activities, auxiliary services and industries. Business organization provides goods and services to satisfy human need and wants. Hence in......

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