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Course week-by-week lecture/tute guide;
You will notice that we have removed two sections which are outlined in your course profile in relation to the Marketing Plan:

1. Budget section; and
2. Evaluation and control.

Both sections have been removed. Student feedback from previous semesters stated that a lack of sufficient information e.g., Budget (lack of available pricing figures to place in budget etc.) made such sections difficult to complete. Therefore, it is important that you follow the guide outlined in the student workbook. Understand, that omitting these two sections will not place you at any disadvantage. In fact, it will enable you to place great emphasis on the other relevant sections of the plan. If you have any questions or need clarification, please ask your tutor or forward an email to the Head Tutor of the course.

On a final note, whilst there is NO formal budget which you have to provide in the marketing plan; we can not ignore costs which would usually be associated with a marketing plan (that is, the decisions you make). For this reason, you will have a budget of approximately $500,000 for the campaign
The idea is, that when you make decisions within your marketing plan, that you keep in mind the costs e.g., if your decision is to apply a regional plan in country Victoria then you could not afford to have national TV advertising as this would logically be too expensive. Again, if you chose to have TV advertising locally, then you would have to limit how often (that is, amount and time of day) because again over time, it may become too expensive.

JUST REMEMBER: any decision you make may have costs associated with it. Once again, although you DO NOT have to construct an actual budget, you do need to be mindful of all the decisions (and subsequent costs) you make in relation to repositioning the brand of chocolate bar or shampoo…...

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...reservation system which provides the train timing details, reservation, billing and cancellation on various types of reservation namely, • Confirm Reservation for confirm Seat. • Reservation against Cancellation. • Waiting list Reservation. • Online Reservation. • Tatkal Reservation. 1.2 DEFINITIONS, ACRONYMS AND ABBREVIATIONS • NTES – National Train Enquiry System • IVRS – Interactive Voice Response system • PRS – passenger reservation system 1.3. SCOPE • Freight Revenue enhancement. • Passenger Revenue enhancement. • Improved & optimized service 1.4 REFERNCES www.scribd.com 2.OVERALL DESCRIPTION: 2.1.PRODUCT PERSPECTIVE: It enables us to maintain the railway train details like their timings, number of seat available and reservation billing and cancelling the tickets. 2.1.1. USER INTERFACE: Keyboard and Mouse. 2.1.2. HARDWARE INTERFACE:  Printer  Normal PC 2.1.3. SOFTWARE INTERFACE:  Front end -> Visual Basic  Back end -> MS-Access 2.1.4. COMMUNICATION INTERFACES • Indian Railway’s web-site,www.indianrail.gov.in offers PRS enquiries on the internet Berth/Seat availability, Passenger Status, Fare, Train Schedule etc,. • National Train Enquiry System (NTES) website,www.trainenquiry.com gives dynamic information about the running status of any train and its expected arrival/departure at any given station. • Mobile telephone based SMS enquiry service. A new mobile phone based facility for rail users’ viz., 2.1.5. OPERATING ENVIRONMENT: The OS types are  Windows NT ......

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