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ISSUE: Six Sigma is a defect reduction methodology that transforms organizations by forcing them to focus on the quality of the customer experience. The term sigma refers to deviations from an ideal level of operation, where each level of sigma, starting from one, allows for fewer defects.

BACKGROUND: Six Sigma is an overall enterprise improvement methodology structured to reduce product or service failure rates to near perfection. Utilizing a disciplined, data-driven approach, Six Sigma practitioners use data to monitor, control, and improve operational performance by eliminating and preventing defects in products and associated processes, including management, service delivery, design, production and customer satisfaction.

CURRENT/ALTERNATIVE PROGRAMS: Current program: Villanova University Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification program.

Alternative I: None


Effective management decisions due to heavy reliance on data and facts instead of gut-feelings and hunches. Hence costs associated with firefighting and misdirected problem-solving efforts with no structured or disciplined methodology could be significantly reduced.
- Increased understanding of customer needs and expectations, especially the critical-to-quality (CTQ) service performance characteristics which will have the greatest impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty.
- Increased cash flow by making processes more efficient and reliable.
- Improved knowledge across the organization on various tools and techniques for problem-solving, leading to greater job satisfaction for employees.
- Reduced number of non-value-added operations through systematic elimination, leading to faster delivery of…...

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