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Bshs 352 Week 2 Dq 2

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BSHS 352 Week 2 DQ 2
To Buy This material Click below link Think back to when you first started using computers; for some of you that was when you were in elementary school, for others of us, computers were not part of the mainstream until after graduate school! Some of you probably fall in between. Regardless, we learned about technical terms in various methods along the way. Look at the following list of terms related to computers and technology. Please choose 5 of the terms below; answer the questions that are asked as if you were explaining it to one of your clients who either does not own a computer, has never used one, or if s/he has, s/he doesn’t really don’t know how it works. * What is RAM & ROM? Which designates the amount of space available in the memory of your computer’s CPU? * What does the term “megs” stand for? * What is a CD-ROM? What is now replacing the CD-ROM as a storage medium and why? * What are newsgroups? How do you find them? Examples? * Operating systems — What do they do? Examples? * Internet and Web Browsers – What is a web browser? Examples? What is uploading and downloading? What are crawlers or spiders? What is a bookmark? * What is a domain? * HTML? * Netiquette – What is shouting? What is flaming? * Viruses – What is a virus? How do you protect yourself from a virus? What do you do if you get a virus? * Search engines – What can you do with them? How do they work? Examples? What is a wildcard? * Utilities – What is a back up? * What is encryption? * Email – What is a filter? How do you use address books? How do you use attachments? How do you create a signature? * Newsgroups – What are they? How to use? * Mailing Lists/LISTSERV – How do they differ from newsgroups?
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