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What does the term continuous improvement mean to you? 
Improvement is defined as making a change that results in a better outcome, so continuous improvement is in simple terms, constantly identifying and making changes that result in better outcomes. It is a concept that is central to quality business management strategies and programs. In order for a business to continually improve it must constantly review, evaluate, ridicule and adapt its work processes and management must ensure everyone is doing their absolute best to develop the business positively and productively in a forward direction.
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Discuss and suggest some specific activities or processes you could use to encourage employee commitment to continuous improvement in an organisation. 
To encourage employee commitment to continuous improvement in an organisation it is vital to adopt a strategic approach. The management team must ensure that all team members are actively encouraged to participate in the decision making processes, assume responsibility and exercise initiative. Without participation by everyone in the organisation, you will not be getting the most out of the process, from management to the shop floor, everyone's opinion must be listened to. 
Management must encourage a culture that facilitates continuous improvement. This can be implemented through activities such as brainstorming sessions or suggestion boxes, supporting risky ideas and being tolerant of mistakes and by rewarding team members for their participation in these activities. 
Useful team activities other than brainstorming include mind mapping, cause and effect diagrams, consensus and voting. One activity i would like to discuss further is the nominal group technique. It…...

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