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The New York Yankees pricing strategy is largely constructed around the tickets offered to their games due to the simple fact that revenues generated from tickets contribute to over half of the New York Yankees annual revenue (Bloomberg, 2013). The Yankees offer four general types of tickets for sale; these are regular season single tickets, premium tickets and season tickets. Each one varies in price and product/service provided, and even within each subset there are variations in price.

Regular Single Season Ticket Price for New York Yankees: (TeamMarketingReport, 2014)
Average - $51.55 (2nd highest in the league)
Most Expensive - $1600.00
Least Expensive - $15.00
MLB Average - $27.93

The high cost of the tickets can be attributable to the Yankees success on the field, quality of product, large demand and move to a new stadium. From the 90’s to 2008 the Yankees were able to keep ticket prices within modest range, though still on the higher end of the spectrum the prices were closer to the league average(Emanuele, 2011). However with the Yankees moving into a brand new stadium in 2009 with nicer amenities, the prices in tickets changed to reflect that.

(Getz, 2012)

Premium tickets are regular single season tickets that come with at least one added amenity or classified by a team as premium due to occasions such as a big rival coming to town or special commemoration. The New York Yankees after their move into the new stadium offer several different types of premium tickets each one varying in price and amenities, below some of the key ones are highlighted:

Legends Suite:

$1575.00 all inclusive food and beverages, in seat wait service, personal concierge service, private entrance and elevator, private restrooms, parking privileges, meet and greet + more

Champions Suite:
all inclusive…...

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