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Daewoo has solid foundation in Pakistan of over many years, with a network of over 274 express buses running all over Pakistan. In this project we have conducted Porter’s Value chain model and Porter’s five forces model framework (Daewoo’s competitive analysis), then EFE and IFE matrix are developed to know about the Daewoo’s response toward its external and internal factors, which are identified during SWOT analysis. Then in strategy formulation stage we have conducted strategic diamond and BCG matrix to develop the strategies for Daewoo. We have finally concluded that Daewoo should start online ticketing, and should provide incentives to lower level employees in order to minimize turnover rate.


Immediately after launching of Lahore – Islamabad Motorway (M-2) in November 1997, Daewoo Pakistan Express Bus Service (DPEBSL) was incorporated which launched its express bus service between Lahore – Rawalpindi / Islamabad in April 1998. This service, owing to its peculiar quality features setting new standards of safety, security, reliability, luxury, comforts and regularity, soon became popular and first choice of the traveling public. Sammi Corporation, Seoul, Korea took over DPEBSL in 2004 which led to accelerated growth and expansion of Sammi-Daewoo Express Bus Service in Pakistan. Sammi-Daewoo Pakistan Express Bus Service Ltd with its Headquarters in Lahore is operating its service from 31 cities in Pakistan covering more than 40 destinations extending almost to the entire Punjab and NWFP. Besides, preparations for extending this service to Karachi and Hyderabad in June 2007 are in hand
[1]Brief History:
Dec 1997 Incorporated
Apr 1998 Beginning of Express Bus Operations
Nov 1999 Beginning of City Bus Operations

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