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Social Inequality
Pete Fernandez
Sept 29, 2011
James Santos

Social Inequality

I chose the television show Sanford and Son which ran from 1972-1977. This show has a wide range of comedy, racial slurs, and many ethnic groups. I grew up watching this show and had never realized how racist the star of the show Fred Sanford (Redd Foxx) is. He and his son Lamont (Demond Wilson) are junkmen in Watts’s neighborhood (ghetto) of Los Angeles. Fred a 65-year-old, black, widowed junk dealer is antisocial and racist with other ethnic groups but friendly to African Americans. I do not understand how the people in his social group accepted his behavior. Sanford and Son was a classic television show that contained social inequality because of lower classman ship. Working together as a team Lamont and his father Fred developed a unique business relationship based on family values. While watching an episode Lamont who is Fred’s 34-year-old son who did all of the work for their business joined a feelings group. Their group not only discussed inner personal feelings but also touched one another with embraces of love and respect for each other. Lamont let his father know that it was his turn to host a meeting. Fred (with an angry expression) was upset that his son because he did not ask for permission from his father. Fred told his son that he could not bring strange people into his house. Fred trusted no one. Fred said this is my house (pointing at himself smiling with his chest out) and Lamont could not invite anyone into it without his approval. Lamont argued that he did all of the work for the business and around the house. Lamont stated that it was half his house and he had every right to invite anyone whenever he chose to (standing with one hand on hip while pointing around the room). Lamont said he was moving out. Fred realized that he could not keep up the housework or business without his son so he faked a heart attack (grabbing at his chest) screaming "Oh, this time it’s real, I'm a-comin' 'Lizabeth! I’m coming to join you!" (Brian Rathjen, 1974). Elizabeth was Fred’s wife and Lamont’s mother who died 20 years earlier. This was Fred’s way of making his son have sympathy for him every time he threatened to move out on his own. Lamont agreed to stay if his father allowed him to host his meeting, Fred agreed. During the feelings meeting Lamont invited him to join the group. When one of the guests (an Asian man) tried to hug Fred he responded “you better not touch me Rice Lee” (with fist in the air). The guest knew Fred was racist and hoped he would have changed. Freds outburst made the rest of the group uncomfortable. Lamont protected his father and explained to his friends that his father grew up this way and to forgive his rudeness. The group decided to give him another chance. Another guest (a large White woman) tried to hug Fred and with the same attitude he said” get back fatty”. She responded with “I do not like you.” The rest of the group agreed and they all left. Lamont was very unhappy with his father’s racial slurs and reactions toward his friends. Fred’s racial slurs and behavior was his unique way of keeping his distance from people he did not like. Fred made himself feel better belittling people, making wise cracks, and racist remarks toward everyone. A poor black man raised his son in a very dangerous part of Los Angeles. He did not trust anyone besides black people. His privately owned business made him believe that he was above other ethnic groups and his African-American neighbors. He was very outspoken and did not hold back his remarks. No one likes to be criticized. This show was very funny. I enjoyed watching re-runs that I have not seen since I was a child. I think it made me more aware and understand how not to treat others. I raised my own children to be kind and how to treat others how you would want them to treat you. This show and several others such as: The Jefferson’s, All in the Family, Chico and the Man, and Good Times have helped shaped my personality and social aspect toward all ethnic groups and minorities. I raise my children with the same visual and social outtakes on life. When out in public I hear young adolescence using profound language. Not caring that little kids or senior citizens are within ear range. What I have learned from writing this assignment is that we are all in the same melting pot. We may come from different cultures and backgrounds, but we all have the same values in life. We want our children to respect each other and to grow up to succeed us. What it comes down to be how we raise our children reflects who we are. If we as parents teach our kids values and respect they will pass it on to their children.

"The 100 Best TV Shows of All-TIME". Retrieved 22 February 2010. 2.^ Moor, Bill (2006-07-26). "'Sanford and Son' truck back on the road". South Bend Tribune. Retrieved 5.^ Greatest Hits Manhattan by Quincy Jones @ 2008-09-02. 3.^ Ingram, Billy. TVparty!: Television's Untold Tales, Bonus Books, 2002, p. 262. ISBN 1566251842 4.^ Sanford & Son Theme (The Streetbeater) by Quincy Jones : Reviews and Ratings - Rate Your Music…...

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