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Foundations of Information Assurance Paper Outline

Combatting and preventing botnets

I would like to research on combatting and preventing botnets. I want to understand how botnets work, the techniques used to detect them and the measures to defend against them. I would also like to understand any loopholes in the existing methods of defending a system against a botnet. My final goal is to understand the existing measures to combat botnets and if there are any precautionary measures which can be taken to prevent a system from becoming part of a botnet.

1. Introduction:
A botnet is a group of computers used by a hacker in order to launch an attack on a network. Botnets pose a great threat and combatting them is one of the biggest challenges being faced today. 2. An overview of botnets, how they work, types of botnets and detection techniques
1. The working of a botnet
2. Types of botnets
i. Classification of botnets based on architecture ii. Classification of botnets based on the network protocols/technology.
3. Detection techniques for botnets
i. Signature based detection ii. Anomaly based detection iii. DNS based detection

3. Prevention and mitigation of botnets
1. Various techniques used to defend a system against botnets
2. Preventive measures against botnets

4. Conclusion:
In many cases, users’ systems become a part of botnets without their knowledge. By understanding how botnets work, how they can be detected, we may be able to take steps to prevent our computers from becoming a part of a botnets or know the techniques to defend against…...

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...Botnet’s The term bot is short for robot. Criminals distribute dangerous software known as malware that can turn your computer into a bot, also known as a zombie. When this happens your computer can perform automated tasks over the internet without you knowing it Criminals use bots to infect large numbers of computers. These infected computers form a network or a botnet. Which is a large number of infected computers Criminals use botnets to send out spam email messages, spread viruses, attack computers and servers, and commit other kinds of crime and fraud. Botnet is a good reason to have a very good viruses protection on your computer. If your computer become part of a botnet , it might slow down and you might be helping criminals Large company’s here in the US have security breach by bots. January 2014 Target announced 70 million individual’s contact information had been taken during a breach in December 2013 where 40 million customer’s credit card and debit card information was stolen. Neiman Marcus announced that between July and October of 2013, credit card information of 350.000 individual’s was stolen and 9,000 of the stolen credit card information was used. There is a long list of company’s big and small. These heartless criminals attacked the Goodwill Industries between February 2013 and August 2014 malware infected the chain store through infected third party vendors. As cyber attacks on retail, technology and industrial company’s......

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