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Storage When it comes to storage, blu-ray disc has definitely been a leap forward in terms of how much data we can hold on a single disc. When the DVD disc was still popular it was only able to hold up to five gigabytes of storage. Now, you may think that is quite a bit, but remember you have to store audio, video, and miscellaneous information on a single disc. The resulting limitations of the DVD disc became apparent as we moved forward in technology advancements with audio and video. When the blu-ray disc was becoming popular it started out with a single layer which was capable of over 25 gigabytes of data storage. The technology world was flung open to new opportunities in greater audio performance as well as what is now trending as 4K television.

Video The video industry was stymied by the low-end data storage of the DVD Disc. They needed something to be able to cram more data that was more advanced and high end to the consumer. What better place to start with the blu-ray disc when Sony and Pioneer unveil the new format at Japan’s Ceatec show in 2000. They had also announced the Ultra Density Optical, a blue-laser optical disc format proposed to replace the magneto-optical discs. Amazing how a large multi-commercial product corporation mostly known for video development had come up with the idea. Video playback was able to move forward to what we know as high definition at 1080p resolution. Great looking picture was the thought of the future was now here in the consumer’s home all because of a disc. Audio With great video also came the new extensions and design of home theater and audio clarity. Remember the hefty space available on the blu-ray disc. Well audio companies were now able to further advance their technologies as well! Clarity of sound was huge when paired with 1080p resolute…...

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...van de 17e eeuw. In deze periode werd de Katholieke kerk hervormd. Dit resulteerde in de bouw en renovatie van veel kerken. Er waren dus erg veel opdrachten voor schilders als Caravaggio. Dit is de reden dat hij zo veel altaarstukken geschilderd heeft. Omdat de kunstwerken in de hervormde kerk de strijd tegen het protestantisme moesten ondersteunen, heeft deze periode ook veel invloed gehad op wat Caravaggio precies schilderde.(Bauwens, 2010) Gekozen kunstwerk Het werk van Caravaggio wat zal worden uitgediept is het schilderij “love conquers all” wat “liefde overwint alles” betekend. Op het schilderij is Cupido afgebeeld. Cupido is in de mythologie de speelse, jonge god van de liefde. Cupido is te herkennen aan zijn vleugels en pijl en boog. De pijlen met gouden punt maken mensen verlieft, de pijlen met loden punt maken dit weer ongedaan. In het schilderij wordt cupido omgeven door voorwerpen die op het eerste gezicht weinig met de liefde van doen hebben. Muziekinstrumenten, gevechtsuitrusting, architectonisch gereedschap en boeken liggen verspreid om de jonge god heen. Deze voorwerpen zijn niet typisch voor een schilderij over liefde. Ze staan symbool voor de sociale deugden, namelijk het kunnen spelen van instrumenten, het beoefenen van kunsten en de krijgskunst. Allemaal onderwerpen die garant staan voor de beschaafde wereld. Cupido staat boven deze voorwerpen, wat betekend dat liefde boven de beschaving staat en over alles zegeviert. (Bull,......

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Blockbuster Failure Accordingly, Blockbuster filed for the ability to pay “valid and undisputed taxes,” (as though they would willingly pay taxes they disputed and deemed “invalid” outside of bankruptcy) that it incurred through its business operations.207 A failure to pay taxes could result in liens, frustrating the deleveraging purpose of bankruptcy. 201See, e.g. Jeff Amy, Deposed Arby's owner says it's not his fault that workers weren't paid, PRESSREGISTER (Oct. 14, 2010) 202 Up to 47 corporate employees, including two high level executives left during Borders’ Chapter11 case, causing serious staffing issues. Jason Boog, Borders Has Lost 47 Corporate Employees Since Bankruptcy, GALLEYCAT (Apr. 14, 2011) 203 MOTION TO AUTHORIZE / DEBTORS' MOTION PURSUANT TO 11 U.S.C. §§ 105(A), 363(B), AND 507 AND FED. R. BANKR. P. 6003 AND 6004 (I) AUTHORIZING THE DEBTORS TO PAY CERTAIN EMPLOYEE OBLIGATIONS AND MAINTAIN AND CONTINUE EMPLOYEE BENEFITS AND PROGRAMS AND (II) FOR BANKS TO HONOR AND PROCESS CHECKS AND TRANSFERS RELATED TO SUCH OBLIGATIONS, In re Blockbuster, Inc. at 13-14. (No. 9). 204 AFFIDAVIT OF JEFFERY J. STEGNEGA, In re Blockbuster,......

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...erhvervsdrivende fond ikke sker avancebeskatning ved overdragelsen, men at den nye ejer (fonden) i stedet indtræder i den tidligere ejers skattemæssige stilling. Der afsættes 360 mio. kr. årligt til initiativet. Der afsættes i alt 2,8 mia. kr. frem til 2020 til de to initiativer. Midlerne udmøntes af aftaleparterne bag finansloven for 2016 bl.a. på baggrund af erhvervsbeskatningsudvalgets anbefalinger. Bedre vilkår ved generationsskifte i familieejede virksomheder Regeringen, Dansk Folkeparti, Liberal Alliance og Det Konservative Folkeparti ønsker, at familieejede virksomheder sikres gode rammevilkår i forhold til overdragelse til næste generation. Aftaleparterne er derfor enige om at afsætte 200 mio. kr. fra 2016 og frem til at nedsætte boog gaveafgiften ved overdragelse af en erhvervsvirksomhed (personligt ejede virksomheder samt selskaber) til et nært familiemedlem mv. Regeringen vil præsentere den konkrete model i første halvår 2016. Aftaleparterne er endvidere enige om at styrke rammevilkårene yderligere fra 2018 og frem i forbindelse med generationsskifte i familieejede virksomheder. Der afsættes derfor 600 mio. kr. i 2018, 700 mio. kr. i 2019 og 800 mio. kr. i 2020 og frem til en yderligere nedsættelse af bo- og gaveafgiften i forbindelse med generationsskifte af familieejede erhvervsvirksomheder. Udvidelse af tonnageskatordningen med mobile borerigge Regeringen, Dansk Folkeparti, Liberal Alliance og Det Konservative Folkeparti er enige om at udvide......

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