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Case 1: Blackberry
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FMGT 1K MKTG 1102 Instructor: Jeff Collier 10/19/2009

INTRODUCTION In 1992, Research In Motion (RIM) introduced a two-way pager as their first product. Since then, RIM has released numerous devices, none more popular than their Blackberry product line. The Blackberry line boasted all-in-one capabilities. Partnered with voice and data transmissions, it became the mobile device that could do it all. However, existing mobile device companies are still in direct competition and RIM will need to continue developing their technology to win dominance in the Smartphone market.

PROBLEM How can RIM develop Blackberry to overtake its competitors in terms of sales and market shares?

KEY FINDINGS     The first Blackberry was introduced in 1998 as a wireless hand held computer. In 1999, Blackberry's lines of products were equipped with voice and data transmission. This led to an explosive demand. RIM's employees grew from 1250 in 2001 to 7000 in 2009. They have a new and expanded target market.

ASSUMPTIONS  A prevalent assumption we’ve made is that RIM will continue to have enough capital and resources necessary to pursue new technologies and innovations. This is important because research and development requires large amounts of investments. Another is that existing RIM customers will continue to be loyal to the Blackberry brand regardless of new marketing strategies and products. This assumption is made so that market shares can only grow. RIM has the ability to develop new types of products.

SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths  High customer loyalty to the Blackberry line creates a long lasting business relationship. The term “crackberry” is used to describe users’ addiction to the device. To date, there are…...

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