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Black Like Me Review

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Black Like Me Review

By: David L. Middleton

06 December 2009

Prof. Fleetwood

Did you ever wonder what it was like for a white man to be black in the South during the end of the 1950’s? A procedure to darken the skin was possible and was done in 1959. In Black Like Me, by John Howard Griffin, he explains and identifies how African Americans are treated differently and harshly due solely to the color of skin, by changing his own skin color to that of a black man. This book was written to provide America with hands-on experience of the daily life of a black man and help provide a possible solution to help America with the race problem. The role of race and skin color has a big impact on the community and way of life in Black Like Me. John Howard Griffin traveled throughout the South during the months of 1959 and leading into 1960 for an original purpose of scientific research study of African Americans but it soon changed to allowing America to know of his experience living as a black man.John Howard Griffin questioned, “if a white man became a Negro in the Deep South, what adjustments would he have to make? What is it like to experience discrimination based on skin color, something over which no one has no control?” These questions are the foundations for the purpose of Black Like Me. He believed to understand or learn the truth, a white man had to become an African American. John Howard Griffin will have traveled to New Orleans, Louisiana, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Tuskegee, Alabama, and Atlanta, Georgia, during his research. As Mr. Griffin went through the South, he experienced different reactions from different people of different races upon transitioning from white to black. John Howard Griffin’s first visit was in New Orleans, Louisiana. As a white man, he describes how beautiful and superb New Orleans was and noted how…...

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