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Module 3
1.In going through the plan it is my observation that the plan lacks in testing some areas, specifically the sales revenue and accounts receivable. Via info from the previous module we know there is no pre numbering for bills of lading and no other method to which these are accounted for. There are several things that could result from this weakness. We can conclude that there may be discrepancies in items shipped and items billed to customers. As well because of a lack of numerical reference, sampling can have a lack of effectiveness. ()

2 & 3. (Refer to Attached Excel Document)

4. Upon analyzing the sampling results, it could be said that when it comes to cases of missing bills of lading there is significant evidence provided to conclude that because of the outlying beyond the allowable deviation, there has to be an unallowable amount of billings without shipment. I think these results would lead a skeptical auditor to conclude that there is possible inflation of earnings via conjured up sales recordings. ()

Module 4
1.The objective of performing this test is to determine if the factory equipment accounts are materially unstable or overstated from misclassification of certain items pertaining to regular maintenance. The unit being sampled here would be the all of the amounts debited to the factory equipment accounts (ie. the dollar amount). The population would be the total debits of $12,600,000, this is what is left after ($89860000-$772600000). By setting the incorrect acceptance at 5%, there is a desire to be 95% confident that the upper limit meets the maximum amount of error in the population. The tolerable misstatement, which is the amount willing to be accepted while still maintaining the fair book value, is set at $640,000. $100,000, the amount of expected error was most likely calculated via previous years statistics. The…...

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