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OPEN QUESTIONS的目的是让recruiter更好的了解candidate,


回答OQs的最重要的原则是be honest,


做OQs, 就是要从做过的事情中发掘自己的潜质。





1)Please give a brief summary of your current recreational and leisure activities, including sports and hobbies. (热身问题)

2)What clubs and societies are you a member of and in what capacity? (团队合作经历的引子)

3)What factors have influenced your career choice? (重要问题,答案最好跟申请的工作有关)

4)Outline your career ambitions and objectives. (重要问题,“N年内做经理 + 我的CICPA考试计划”)

5)Describe your greatest success or a situation where you exceeded your own expectations. (看性格,四大挺喜欢完美主义者的)


1) Why are you applying for this position? (工作性质,职业生涯目标,公司声望等)

2) Please explain how your personal qualities, skills, knowledge and working experience will help you to be successful in the position for which you are applying. (关键问题,见“准备篇”)

3) What community or students' clubs do you belong to and to what extent are you involved?

4) Any additional information? (把KPMG其余的答案写上去吧:)


1)Please describe your career objective and what you have done to date to achieve it. (Maximum 100 English words)

2)Please include any other information which you may consider relevant to your application. (Maximum 100 English words)



DTT的网申是无OPEN Q的,页数也特别少,只有两页。但DTT的网站速度比较慢,所以如果宿舍的教育网不好用,大家就去办个ADSL吧,在找工的过程中很有用。


第二部分KPMG 2008 open questions解答示例

1、Please give a brief summary of your current recreational and leisure activities, including sports and hobbies.

My hobbies and interests are as follows:
1,Reading:I stay hunger for knowledge.I like reading BusinessWeek,The New York Times and so on;
2,Dancing:I am full of passion and really enjoy Lunba;
3:Writting: I built up my Blog and kept my daily writting;
4,Sport: I am good at basketball and I participate in School Team as a key player.

2、What clubs and societies are you a member of and in what capacity?

Microsoft Technology Club Founder and Vice President Mar 2006-Mar 2007
-The largest local student-run organization registered in Microsoft
-Operated as liaison between local chapter and national headquarters
-Maintained daily operations while organizing weekly chapter events

3、What factors have influenced your career choice?

On the one hand, all the qualifications I have cultivated on campus, such as outstanding English ability, demonstrated leadership and collaboration potential, excellent interpersonal skill are the essential points to meet the need of the job.
On the other hand, arising from my interests to choose the functional job I like, I am sure I would play my talents and capacity as much as possible. Meanwhile, KPMG definitely will offer me a good training class and career cultivation to transform my potential to be professional.

Though I am not professional, I have the enthusiasm and potentiality to be evolved in KPMG to cultivate myself to be a qualified staff.After the long-term efforts and study, I can be a considerable manager striving for the prosperity of the company.

4、Outline your career ambitions and objectives.

My short-term career objective is to be involved in a dynamic and fast growing company, which provides me with a great opportunity to permanently grow as much as possible through the challenging work.

Meanwhile, my long-term objective is continuously to be familiar with my job and grow with the development of the company. After the long-term efforts and study, I want to be a qualified professional, who can be a considerable manager striving for the prosperity of the company.

5、Describe your greatest success or a situation where you exceeded your own expectations.


第三部分 PWC open questions 回答示例

1) Why are you applying for this position?
1点写 会计领域的忠诚度
2点写 PWC在会计领域里面哪方面最好,有突出贡献,
3点写 有个师姐在里面,听到很多奇闻异事,有兴趣
4点写 自己曾经过过一些会计数据方面知识,加深了对于PWC了解


PwC is one of the leading global professional service firm with good reputation.

I wish I could implement my acquired knowledge to the firm and continue expansion and growth with PwC. The chances to access to different industies attracts me too,In my opinion,it could bring me a brand new sight and make me grow and succeed in the career path.
The audit and assurance services aims enhance the degree of confidence of the intended users,It not only beneficial to the shareholder,but also the whole organization and the society.The job fits my qualification,therefore, I apply the audit and assurance services in PwC and willing to be a valuable asset.

例二As it is universally accepted that accounting is the only language in commercial world, I suppose that it would be easier for me to grow to a professional manager from a fresh graduate and to be close to the core of the commercial world if I choose accountant as my first profession. After all, accounting is the common value of industries, government, and individuals in modern society.
Assurance is the longest established business in PwC and is also dynamic and fast growing, It will truly provide me with a great opportunity to work with a dynamic group of well-trained professionals and I am so eager to develop my talents and knowledge into this area.

2) Please explain how your personal qualities, skills, knowledge and working experience will help you to be successful in the position for which you are applying(这个是关键问题!!所以多给大家几个例子).


There’re 3 things in my life I excelled: English learning; badminton; painting. So I think it's fair to say I’ve got everything you can expect from a English learner (assiduity, brightness, communication skill, ability and eagerness to learn), from an athlete (tough, competitive nature, ability to deal with pressure and to use strategy, reasoning and analyzing skill, strong connection with teammates) and from an artist (creativity, open mind and enthusiasm). More than that, all the experiences have helped shaping my way of doing things which successfully applied on other activities I involved later in my life: Japanese learning; tennis; webmaster; being the chief editor of my school monthly newsletter and of cause, doing well in my major courses. I can’t wait to apply all them on the job! I believe it'll work.


First,my academic background and professional qualifications are a good fit for this position.
International audit is my major while my outstanding grade is with the 5% ranking in department. I have passed 11 papers of ACCA without fail and CPA is in progress.A good command of both written and spoken English prepare me a qualified candidate.
Second, I am a good team player and have great interpersonal skills. I work well under pressure. When there is a deadline, I can focus on the task at hand and structure my work schedule. and I am also an excellent communicator, People trust me and come to me for advice.
Third,I participate actively in social activities and internship in accountant offices,trying to seize every opportunities to exercise my leadership and professional skills.Awareness of self-improvement is always in my mind..


Outstanding English Ability

Being able to effectively communicate with people and motivate them

Being capable of solving problems with spirit of innovation

Believing in and embracing diversity and result oriented

Durance and energetic, willing to leran and cooperate with others.

Strong ability of learning and quick response


On the one hand, all the qualifications I have cultivated on campus, such as outstanding English ability, demonstrated leadership and collaboration potential, excellent interpersonal skill are the essential points to meet the need of the job.

On the other hand, arising from my interests to choose the functional job I like, I am sure I would play my talents and capacity as much as possible. Meanwhile, Pwc definitely will offer me a good training class and career cultivation to transform my potential to be professional.

Even if I am not the most excellent candidate,but I suppose that I am the most proper candidate.

3) What community or students' clubs do you belong to and to what extent are you involved? 同KPMG一问

·I was the team leader of the school badminton team and won 3 championships of Chongqing collage badminton competition (both team and individual titles). ·I was a member of the Student Union propaganda section in my freshman year. ·I am a member of the University Animal Right Activist Group.

4) Any additional information? (把KPMG其余的答案写上去吧:)


I am energic and innovative and develop myself in various aspects.I love sport and art,which give me a quality and balanced life.
In my spare time,I like play tennis with my classmates, we co-operate to build a coherent team and compete with rivals under the rules.
Drawing is my favorite past-time activity,with its accompaniment,my life becomes colorful and I recognize lots of friends,and throught my effort I got honors and prizes in national contests.
I acquired the driving licence(C)which beyond my expection.before that I didin’t even touch the steering wheel.but I have the determination and the faith to overcome all difficulties.


·I have co-held art exhibitions with young artist from Japan, Britain and the USA. ·I am a member of the biggest voluntary TV series subtitling working group in China(YDY),and have participated the translation of hot shows like “House MD”, “Eureka” and “CSI” ·I have scheduled my BEC advanced test, TOEIL, IELTS and Japanese Ability Test all at the year 2007, which may seem a little rush and intense. That’s because I never stop learning all these years and I want those tests to give me a big credit at the end of my collage time. (If I'm lucky enough to survive all the application process you could see the result.) ·I was nominated to be an exchange student to the USA at my sophomore and also junior year, but both times failed in the final round of selection. That has taught me more than a lesson. ·I am the class clown.

第四部分 宝洁OPEN QUESTIONS经典的八个问题

1,Describe an instance where you set your sights on a high/demanding goal and saw it though completion.请你举一个具体的例子,说明你是如何设定一个目标然后达到它的。

Situation: As a Campus Intern Manager of the Guangzhou Haobo Science Ltd. , which was one of the top 5 Korea LG franchisers in Guangzhou Pacific Computer Town,I had to initiate marketing strategy to exploit the huge potential computer market in the College Town.(October 1, 2004- May 1, 2007)

The demanding goal:In spite of intense competition among the PC companies,I had to make our business be profitable .

Actions I took with a team:

1.Recruited many freshmen as part-timers via distributing leaflets,and set up a PC agent team called“E-mart”involving 85 members;

2.Trained our team members with business sense of PC industry, selling skills and promotion skills, which I obtained from my part-time experience;

3.Cultivated our team culture such as “Five-heart standard service”,including Patience,Caring,Passion,Perseverance and Attention,which were the important characters in sales;

4.Led our team members to promote IT products through oral persuasion,attractive advertising and exquisite leaflets.

Result and learning:We build up the core competence of E-mart and achieved RMB 500,000 in sales per year.Moreover,E-mart became a trust mark in the College Town.I developed the sense of Brand Management as well.

2、Summarize a situation where you took the initiative to get others on an important task or issue, and played a leading role to achieve the results you wanted.请举例说明你在一项团队活动中如何采取主动性,并且起到领导者的作用,最终获得你所希望的结果。

Situation:As a league branch secretary in my sophomore year,I led our league branch to win a title “Red Flag League Branch of Sun Yet-sen University”.What’s more,I was awarded “Excellent Student Leader”selected out of 185 candidates.That was regarded as my most honorable act in university.(September 1, 2005- September 1, 2006)

Target: to design a feature activity which was regarded as our brand activity.

Actions I took:

In charge of our feature activity “Bicycle Trip around the College Town”,I had to deal with the pressure from study,my classmates’ disinterest to join in,and my role as the leader of the whole activity.Planning and operating were really important.First,in order to organize a performance team and make it operate effectively,I observed everyone in our class and then distributed the appropriate work to him or her.Second,since each member was busy with study,the trip schedule should be reasonable and periodic.All team members cooperated well due to the low frequency and short time of the preparation.Third,I motivated our team members to come up with creative ideas,which would make our Bicycle Trip more attractive.

Result and learning:I emphasized the value of time and motivated our team members to act with team-spirit.Finally,our performance was very successful and our classmates satisfied with the trip.Furthermore,“Bicycle Trip around the College Town”became the brand activity of our class!That was my most honorable thing in university!

3、Describe a situation where you had seek out relevant information, define key issues, and decide on which steps to take to get the desired results.请你描述一种情形,在这种情形中你必须去寻找相关的信息,发现关键的问题并且自己决定依照一些步骤来获得期望的结果。

Situation: As a summer intern in marketing department of Guangdong Development Bank,I assisted our account manager to exploit the POS Machine market. (July 10th, 2006-October 31th, 2006 )

The difficulty and the decision I had to make:At the beginning,it was inefficient for me to do a face-to face persuasion due to a lot of time spent on traffic. I only cultivated 5 clients in the first 10 days.That difficult condition tested me both mentally and physically,and I was forced to make a decision-changed the face-to-face persuasion to the telephone-marketing,which didn’t take me a lot of time on traffic and also saved the carfare cost.

How I arrived the decision:

However,our account manager questioned my decision at first.In order to prove that my decision was workable,I analyzed the weakness and strengths between face-to-face and tel-marketing.In addition,I persuaded our manager to attempt the new method and he agreed.

1.Listed our target clients:the owners of beauty salon,eyeglasses shop,fashion shop,etc.

2.Collected their phone numbers via their billboard and yellow pages on web;

3.Persuaded the clients to install POS Machine by ringing them up.

Result and learning:My decision was workable and I had cultivated 32 clients successfully.That experience helped me improve my analyzing skills and executive capability.

4、Describe an instance where you made effective use of facts to secure the agreement of others.请你举例说明你是怎样通过事实来使他人达成一致的。

Situation: As a project intern in HR department of Motorola China,I was involved in a team to assist our account manager to visit MOTO brand shops in Guangzhou and do an investigation as well. (October 10th, 2006-December 31th, 2006 )

The target: to know the working efficiency about the mobile phone sellers

The different points of views and how I acted:

At the beginning,it was inefficient for us to do a face-to face talk for the reason that the sellers responded so indifferently and busy with their work. We only finished 12 questionnaires in the first 2 days.That difficult condition tested our team members both mentally and physically,and I was forced to come up with an idea-------changed our role to be consumers,which may attract the sellers and could experience their real services which contributed to our investigation.

How I arrived the decision:

However,other members as well as our account manager questioned my idea at first.In order to prove that my advice was workable,I analyzed the weakness and strengths between face-to-face and tel-marketing.In addition,I persuaded our manager to attempt the new method and he agreed.Besides, I promoted my ideas in our team.

Result and learning:My idea was workable and our team had finished 126 questionnaires successfully.That experience helped me improve my analyzing skills and executive capability.

5、Give an example of how you worked effectively with people to accomplish an important result.请你举例说明在完成一项重要的任务时,你是怎样和他人进行有效的合作的。

Situation:Every year when the new semester comes, a ceremonious welcoming party is held in our college. As a league branch secretary in my sophomore year and also the leader of this activity,I was authorized to design a feature show which can describe our daily life in campus.(September 15th,2006)

How I performed :

Design-I cooperated with my colleagues to figure out the climax of the performance, the musical accompaniment and the whole arrangement of process.

Rehearsal-I worked together with those who were in charge of the lighting, music and scenes to create perfect artistic effect.

On stage: I reminded my fellows with gestures and eyes contact. In addition, we coped with an emergency coherently.

Result and learning: Our team was praised highly and I was practiced to drive different people, who have diverging opinions to proceed together to the same goal.

6、Describe a creative/innovative idea that you produced which led to a significant contribution to the success of an activity or project.请你举例说明你的一项有创意的建议曾经对一项计划的成功起到重要的作用。

1,At the very first beginning of my Career Development Training Lectures, I was criticized by some of my audients that my lecture was lack of demonstration and interaction.I felt so upset at first and came to realize that there must be something should be done to make my speeches attractive.

2,When I taught the part of “How to success in an interview?”, I invited the audients to play the roles of interviewees and interviewers.After the performance,I commented on their advantages and disadvantages in their act drolly,only to make the audients burst into laughs and meanwhile easily understood the reason why they failed in interviews.

3,In order to improve demonstration during my lectures,I always showed some interesting pictures which helped the audients understand that confidence,eye-contact,good posture and clear communication were essential in a successful interview.During these times,more and more students came to my lectures and highly praised me.

Another case:

Situation: I took part in Guangzhou Haobo Science Ltd as a part-time seller.Traditionally,our customers with different characters were treated in the same way,which was unreasonable in sales.Thereby,we sellers failed in promotion sometimes.(October 1, 2004)

The most creative idea:However,I was longing to explore a new method and was attracted by an idea that I could use 4 figures in《Record of a journey to the west》to represent 4 kinds of customers with different characters.According to the customers’ behavior I sorted out 4 kinds of customers and also offered the different ways to persuade them to consume ,as follows:

Customers----Character------How to persuade him or her to buy PC

The monkey king------aggressive------Use your mind to reform him or her

The pig monk------lively------Use your words to lead him or her

The sha monk------frank-------Use your heart to serve him or her

The tang monk-------wise-------Use your passion to urge him or her

Result and learning: My ideas was recommended in the company and I got the praise from my boss.What ‘s more,I learned how to consider one thing in another different side.

7、Provide an example of how you assessed a situation and achieved good results by focusing on the most important priorities.请你举例说明你怎样对你所在的环境进行一个评估,并且将注意力集中在最重要的事情上以便获得你所期望的结果。

Tough situation:

As a vice president of Microsoft Technology Club in my sophomore year,I was asked by our president to fire out one club member who performed negatively and demonstrate neither integrity nor loyalty. In front of disclosing the information to other members, I felt terribly uncomfortable for the reason that it may really beat the morale of our team. (May 1, 2006- May 1, 2007)


1,I didn’t disclose the primary information. Without any hesitation, I communicated with our president and emphasized the bad influence if we did it. Besides, I initiated another solution that we should identified what happened firstly and gave that member one more opportunity to contribute his talent to our club. Finally,our president agreed.

2,On the other hand,I talked with that member and played as an excellent listener,only to find that his oversea education schedule make him be negative and distracted his passion. In order to come to a mutual-win situation,I persuaded him to retreat from our team and he consented.

3,Lastly,I organized a interesting conference and issued the news about the retreat. What’s more,all the team members sang a song for him and made him a sincere wish. He felt so moved that he apologized for his faults.

Mutual-win result:

Effective communication prevented a disaster and the morale of our team remained active.

8、Provide an example of how you acquired technical skills and converted them to practical application.请你举例说明你是怎么样学习一门技术并且将他应用到实际工作中的。

Situation: Germany TÜV Rheinland Corporation provided Instrument Testing Service for clients. As a summer intern in sales department of Germany TÜV Rheinland Greater China,I assisted our manager to expand the potential market.

(July 2nd, 2007-September 1st, 2007)

The difficulty and the actions I had to take: At the very beginning,it was inefficient for me to do a cold-call for the reason that the receptionists were so coldhearted that I failed in getting through him/her to talk to the key person who could make a purchasing decision. That difficult condition tested me both mentally and physically,and I was forced to acquire other skills.

The technical skills: I surfed the internet to search the new solution to succeed in cold-call and lastly found a lot of useful methods. For example, I was taught to speak English to get through the receptionists who dared not to be indifferent in front of a foreign call. Needless to say, it was really workable when I put what I had learnt into practices.

Result: I had cultivated 20 clients successfully…...

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Law 421 Week 4 Big Time Toymaker

...In this document of LAW 421 Week 4 Big Time Toymaker you will find the next information: Read the “Theory to Practice” section at the end of Ch. 6 of the text. Answer Questions 1 through 6 based on the scenario in the “Theory to Practice” section, and complete the following in your response: At what point, if ever, did the parties have a contract? What facts may weigh in favor of or against Chou in terms of the parties’ objective intent to contract? Does the fact that the parties were communicating by e-mail have any impact on your analysis in Questions 1 and 2 (above)? What role does the statute of frauds play in this contract? Could BTT avoid this contract under the doctrine of mistake? Explain. Would either party have any other defenses that would allow the contract to be avoided? Assuming, arguendo, that this e-mail does constitute an agreement, what consideration supports this agreement? At the conclusion of the case, BTT declares that it's not thinking about distributing Chou’s new strategy game, Strat. Presuming BTT and Chou have got a deal, and BTT has breached the agreement by not distributing the game, discuss what remedies may or may not apply. General Questions - General General Questions Read the “Theory to Practice” section at the end of Ch. 6 of the text. Answer Questions 1 through 6 based on the scenario in the......

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...Cisco interview notes Cisco(NasFAW:CSCO) - Leader in networking, transforming how people connect. Founded in 1984 Change, Solve, Innovate. Vision - For 30yrs, focused on helping change the way the world works, lives, plays and learns. Strategy - Solve customers most important business challenges by delivering intelligent networks and technology architectures built on intergrated products, services and software platforms. Cisco's Focus Areas for Coporate Social Responsibility: - Governance and Ethics - Supply chain - Out People - Society - Enviroment job desciption Cisco delivers technology and products for connecting people, places and things, from unified collaboration through data, voice and video to sensor networks, big data, communications carriers and cloud computing. Key characteristics of these technologies include aspects such as quality of service, security, mobility, signaling, session control, transport and manageability. Research centre in Feltham responsible for Video technolog and services. Will be assigned a project by team. Describe a time when you worked in a team: - We were assigned a task to building and programming a NXT robot. Put into random groups with 3 other people. Did not have knowledge of their abiities. We split our selves to do different tasks: designing, building, coding.# Met up at least 2 times a week to discuss plans and do the actual assignment. Meeting up resulted in better communication, knowledge of...

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...Interview Advice • Please dress smartly to your interview. First impressions count and you are expected to attend an interview in a suit, even if it is for a Car Mechanic job! Trouser or skirt suits are acceptable, with a plain shirt and polished shoes. You need to look the part! • Always arrive at least 10minutes early to an interview. You want to show that you are punctual and reliable. • Be confident and smile and when you shake the hand of your interviewer, make sure it is a firm handshake – not bone crushing, just firm and assertive. • Keep eye contact throughout the interview, show your feelings through facial expressions. • Always try to use relevant examples for questions asked. If possible, use an example from your previous work history, if not, then from your past/present (as long as it is relevant) • Prepare a few questions that you would like to ask the interviewer. See following sheet for examples. It shows that you have prepared for your interview and that you are keen to find out more about them. • Research the company. Most of the larger companies are on the internet. Try and find out the following: o Company history – how they started etc o What have the company achieved o What are the company aims / targets o What do the company actually do?!!!!!! o What is the company’s mission statement • At the end of your interview thank the interviewer for......

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Units 4 & 5 Career Guidance Interviews

...Unit 4 and 5 Evaluate the purpose of different types of career guidance interviews Evaluate methodologies to explore the career guidance and development needs of clients Corney and Watts (1998) define information and advice as; ‘providing an immediate response to the needs of clients who present an enquiry or reveal a need that requires more than a straightforward information response. Advice is usually limited to helping with the interpretation of information and with meeting needs already clearly understood by the client…’ Advice and information is therefore concerned with meeting client’s presenting issues relating to information. The OECD (2004:10) definition of guidance is; ‘Career guidance refers to services and activities intended to assist individuals of any age, and at any point of their lives, to make educational, training and occupational choices and to manage their careers’. This reflects the variety of activities that may take place in supporting clients to move forward. Guidance is about helping clients to understand their own needs, set and review career goals, understand any barriers and to produce action plans. Hambly (2008; 16) refers to the iceberg analogy to explain the process of guidance. The top of the iceberg represents the clarifying and meeting of presented needs which is advice and information and the bottom of the iceberg is about exploring additional needs which is guidance. The guidance element may be about exploring high......

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...Should Avoid During Your Next Interview – If You Really Want the Position Dr. Jimmie Flores You know the importance of putting your best foot forward when preparing for your next interview. Unfortunately, many candidates disqualify themselves by saying the wrong thing, or asking inappropriate questions.   You might be the most qualified person for the job, but if you lack interviewing skills, you will be eliminated. Knowing what to say is just as important as describing the attributes that make you a right fit for the position.   As the job candidate, it’s important to know the “hot buttons” of the person who is interviewing. In other words, the first round of interviewing is usually done by an HR-type who is mostly interested in whether or not you have the basic skills required for the job. In other words, they want to know if you possess the years of experience in the industry, educational requirements, supervision expectations, and professional certifications. Your approach during this interview is more matter-of-fact. You want to show enthusiasm, to be sure, but the focus is more on the “hard” qualifications.   When you meet with the departmental manager, or with those individuals who might become co-workers, you take a difference approach. In this case, you want to demonstrate your team skills, knowledge of the particular work requirements, and your ability to work under pressure.   #1: Avoid asking too many questions. The interview is not the right setting for......

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...Interview Tips Preparation * Research the company website in depth - look at each section thoroughly - be prepared * Research the company through other websites - Google, Hoovers, Yahoo, etc. * Write down questions you have regarding the company that you can bring up during the interview Appearance * Remember that you never get a second chance to make a first impression! * Wear professional, conservative attire that is clean, ironed, and sophisticated * Avoid visual distractions, for example: do not wear a distracting tie; do not apply heavy makeup; do not spray too much cologne/perfume; do not wear high heels, etc. Simple yet professional is key. What to Bring * At least two copies of your resume * A copy of the job description * Pad of paper, a couple of pens, and a couple of pencils * A form of ID (driver's license) * Do not bother with a laptop, excessively big briefcase/purse, or too many bags Arrival * Arrive 15 minutes prior to interview time * Politely introduce yourself to the receptionist, ask his/her name and remember it * Turn all cell phones, PDAs, pagers, etc. off During the Interview * Do not bring up salary as it may appear that you are only focused on compensation * If you are asked about your current salary, state that your salary requirements fall within the criteria of the job description, but do not be specific - this may limit the amount you receive from the hiring company * If......

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An Empirical Comparison of Non-Big 4 and Big 4 Auditors’ Perceptions of Auditor Independence

...The current issue and full text archive of this journal is available at An empirical comparison of non-Big 4 and Big 4 auditors’ perceptions of auditor independence Non-Big 4 and Big 4 auditors’ perceptions 917 Philip Law Department of Accounting, Faculty of Business Administration, University of Macau, Taipa, Macau Abstract Purpose – Perceived independence is one of the corner-stones in auditing theory. Despite prior research on auditor independence, the results are inconclusive. The lack of research in the Hong Kong ´ˆ auditing environment motivates this study, particularly following the Enron debacle. The purpose of this paper is to examine the non-audit services (NASs), competition, rank and types of auditors, in respect of the independence problem as it relates to the practices of Hong Kong auditors in the post-Enron environment. Design/methodology/approach – Four independent variables identified from literature gaps are examined, namely NASs, levels of competition, auditors of different ranks and types of auditors. Mixed ANOVA are employed to analyze survey responses from 207 “Big 4” and 185 “non-Big 4” auditors. Findings – Results of the study show that the provisions of NASs and high competition could have a negative influence on auditors’ perceptions of independence. Second, auditors’ perceptions that the influence of NASs on independence depends on an individual auditor’s rank are supported.......

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Big 4 Application

...The Big Four (Online Application) Page 1 Online Application You can apply for Big 4 positions online. The following is a recapitulation of the information required by these companies from applicants. Go through each item in detail. This will help you find out what the Big 4 companies are really looking for in you. 刪 Personal information o Provide valid email address and mobile number which employers can ALWAYS reach you. o Avoid using wacky email address names. 刪 Academic qualifications o Be thoughtful when you list your academic qualifications and avoid giving the impression that your studies lack a particular aim. 刪 Overseas exchange o Consider highlighting overseas exchange experiences that are relevant to your career development. 刪 Public examination results o Show your public examination results from HKCEE to CREs or BLTs 刪 Work experience o Focus and emphasize on work experiences that demonstrate your leadership, teamwork, and competencies. o Be specific as you describe your various work experiences by stating your responsibilities and achievements. 刪 Extra curricular activities o Extra-curricular activities can be a good indicator of some aspects of your values and personality. o Be elaborate in your presentations. 刪 Short questions o This section helps your prospective employers to know more about you in terms of your competencies, life orientation, and values. Try to answer these questions within the word limits. o There are two categories of......

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