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The first international institution that I will be using is the World Bank, which operates in more than 100 countries. The World Bank is crucial to providing funding monetary and technical support to emergent countries all over the world. The World Bank focus is to assist fight poverty and provides populations in different countries the resources needed to run their country affectively. The World Bank helps countries build relationships, share knowledge and establish partnerships, within the public and private sector.

The World Bank is an international financial organization that advances money to emergent countries and regions. Some of those countries and regions include Asia, Europe, North and South America, Middle East, and Africa. The World Bank believes in growth from within; meaning that the growth of a country should start within that country. Currently, the World Bank focus that they use to help make sure that poor countries have a range of financing options that will help poor countries meet their current and future needs.

There are three supporting factors that World Bank uses to ensure that their efforts are working. Those three factors are Results, Reform, and, Open Development. The World Bank believes that by becoming aligned with the countries that they work with create a focus on delivering quantifiable results. The new Reforms that the World Bank has put in place are targeted at improving every aspect of their work with countries in poverty. The World Bank focuses on how new projects can be created and implemented, how information is communicated from one place to another and how the countries are being affected by the World Bank can best make use off the Bank.

The two countries that I selected for this assignment are India and Japan. Japan and India are two of the fastest growing populations and showing some economic growth. A…...

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