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Bestfriend Turned Lover?

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Falling in love with your best friend~
September 7th 2006 11:20
Imagine this scene: Boy and girl practically grew up together, making them childhood friends and best friends. As they matured, the bond grew stronger, making them rely on each other’s existence to survive in this world and for support etc. etc. Then, fate happens (in their terms); they fall in love during those tender teenage years of high school (think, Dawson and Joey from Dawson’s Creek).

So, the question here is, should they give in to their romantic feelings and say, leave their days of being best friends and brace the possibilities of going steady?

I guess there are a lot of controversies to that, if you ask me. For one, they practically know each other inside out since like, forever?! And I guess I feel that it’s a tad weird to be going out with someone you’ve practically known your whole life – it’s almost the same as dating your own brother (almost!). Not only would you know everything about them (e.g. their gross, disgusting habits and how they think and feel), you could even finish their sentences if you wanted to (kind of like twins!). And besides, wouldn’t it be more fun if you found these things out about your partner while you’re dating, rather than knowing it already and then start dating? That’s part of the spice added to the relationship, right? Any anyway, Dawson and Joey gave this while ‘going out’ thing a try and look at how great that ended? Not only did they hurt each other, they practically dragged their potential partners into that love mess that they’ve created!! Too much drama going on…...

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