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Decision Support for Adults Living with Chronic Kidney Disease
Best Practice Guideline & AGREE Tool Application
Jessica Cruz
Nancie Moran
Coleen Smart
University of Hartford

Decision Support for Adults Living with Chronic Kidney Disease
The movement towards evidence-based healthcare has been gaining momentum quickly over the past few years, motivated by clinicians, management and politicians concerned about quality, consistency and costs. Best practice guidelines, or BPG’s, are systematically developed statements to assist practitioners and patients in decisions about appropriate health care for specific circumstances. They describe appropriate care based on the best available scientific evidence. BPG’s are developed and implemented to reduce inappropriate variation in practice; promote efficient use of resources; to act as guideline for quality control, highlight shortcomings of existing literature; suggest appropriate future research; and to provide a focus for continuing education. In 1999, the Registered Nurse Association Organization (RNAO) began its mission of advancing health public policy and promoting the full participation of registered nurses in improving health, and in shaping and delivering health care services. To date, the RNAO has implemented eight Healthy Work Environment Best Practice Guideline’s (BPG’S) and 44 Clinical Practice Guidelines. Each guideline undergoes rigorous, structured research by a panel of experts prior to implementation and is reviewed and revised as needed every three years. The following paper evaluates and assesses the quality of the Decisional Support for Adults Living with Chronic Kidney Disease Clinical Best Practice Guideline.
Description of the Best Practice Guideline Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) has been recognized as a growing public health problem. It is estimated…...

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