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Best Plans!

A pretty and wealthy woman was serving life sentence in prison.
Angry and resentful about her plight she had decided that she would rather die than to live another year in prison.
Over the years she had become good friends with one of the prison caretakers. His job, among others, was to bury those prisoners who died in a graveyard just outside the prison walls.
When a prisoner died, the caretaker rang a bell,which was heard by everyone.
The caretaker then got the body and put it in a casket. Next, he entered his office to fill out the death certificate before returning to the casket to nail the lid shut. Finally, he put the casket on a wagon to take it to the graveyard and bury it. Knowing this routine, the woman devised an escape plan and shared it with the caretaker;
The next time the bell rang, the woman would leave her cell and sneak into the dark room where the coffins were kept. She would slip into the coffin with the dead body while the caretaker was filling out the death certificate.. When the care-taker returned, he would nail the lid shut and take the coffin outside the prison with the woman in the coffin along with the dead body. He would then bury the coffin. The woman having pre-arranged with the caretaker for special vents in the coffin knew there would be enough air for her to breathe until later in the evening when the caretaker would return to the graveyard under the cover of darkness, dig up the coffin, open it, and set her free.
She wld also carry along a small flashlight to cope with the darkness beneath until the hour of expected freedom.
The caretaker was reluctant to go along with this plan, but since he and the woman had become good friends over the years, and knowing dat he stands to gain a lot from this pretty and wealthy woman, he more than agreed to do it.
The woman waited several weeks before someone in the…...

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