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Competitive Strategy

Best Buy

Best Buy
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THEME: How Best Buy has maintained and enhanced its Competitive Advantage over the years by constantly seeking a favorable competitive position in the Consumer Electronics retailing industry


Table of Contents
Contents Objective of the report Executive Summary Part I – Early beginnings & Hyper-growth Part II – Initiating Change at Best Buy
-- Recognizing the need for change -- First attempt at change (formulating the Standard Operating Platform) -- Head-Heart-Hands approach to change management (Overcoming Cognitive Inertia) -- Institutionalizing the Change Management Process (Overcoming Action Inertia) -- Impact of the SOP on the Best Buy's operations Part III - Revisiting the Drawing Board -- Building new skill sets -- Formulating Customer Centricity (deploying a new game strategy) -- Implementing Customer Centricity (reconfiguring the value chain) -- Reaping the gains from Customer Centricity Part IV – Staving off Competition: Click & Mortar model -- Industry going through a phase of Intermediating Change -- Where does Best Buy go from here? -- Experimenting may payoff but need to commit References used

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Objective of Report
Best Buy Co., Inc has been a leading player in the Electronics & Appliances retailing industry for several years now. It has withstood several cycles of churn in the Industry; seen many of its competitors go bust, and faced near bankruptcy on more than one occasion to emerge as an electronic retailer of choice for millions of shoppers in the US and other parts of the world.

The group seeks to examine the changes that Best Buy had initiated at different points in time in its long history that have enabled it to emerge as a competitive and profitable player in the industry. The company…...

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...BEST BUY: USING CUSTOMER CENTRICITY TO CONNECT WITH CUSTOMERS “So much of our business success comes down to understanding consumer behaviour,” explains Joe Brandt, a store service manager at one of Best Buy’s newest stores. “What we do is we try to keep our ear to the railroad tracks. In essence, we listen to the customer to be able to change on a dime when a customer wants us to tailor that experience a certain way and provide certain shopping experiences and certain services.” “Consumers look at a lot of different things,” Joe added. “They look at brands, shopability of the store, how easy it is to navigate the store, how pleasant the employees are, price, and how we take care of the customer.” Overall there are many factors that “customers look at when they’re making a purchase decision.” Best Buy is the world’s largest consumer electronics retailer with 1,172 stores, 140,000 employees, and $35.9 billion in revenue. Its U.S. and Canadian market share is almost 20 percent, far ahead of rivals Wal-Mart and Costco. Best Buy operates superstores which provide a limited number of product categories with great depth within the categories. The retailer sells consumer electronics, home office products, appliances, entertainment software and related services. In addition to its U.S. and Canadian stores, Best Buy has recently opened stores in China and has announced plans to open stores in Puerto Rico, Mexico and Turkey. Best Buy also offers its products online through...

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How Do You Define a Competitive Strategy (Strategies) in Best Buy related to a corporation Answer: Principal-agent problems arise in a corporation as a result of the separation of ownership and management. Managers may not act in the best interests of the shareholders while making decisions. Hence the shareholders incur monitoring and bonding costs which are a part of agency costs. It also arises as result of informational asymmetry between managers and other stakeholders of a firm. Agency costs tend to reduce the value of a firm. Type: Medium Page: 8 44. Briefly explain the term "web of contracts" in the context of a corporation Answer: A corporation is a complex organization. All the claimants to the value of a corporation are called stakeholders of a corporation. They are; shareholders, bondholders, employees, managers, suppliers, customers, government and the community. A complex set interrelated contracts governs their relationships. These contracts could be formal or informal. This complex set of contracts can be thought of as "web of contracts." Type: Medium Page: 8 45. Briefly explain the term "Agency costs" as related to a corporation Answer: Agency costs arise in a corporation as a result of principal-agent problems. For example; managers may not act in the best interests of the shareholders while making decisions. Hence the shareholders incur monitoring costs that are called agency costs. It also arises as result of informational......

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