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Have you ever wondered how much a single piece of gum can help you with the simplest things like stress, behavior, and appetite control? Well it can. Many people say they did better on a test when they chewed gum, than not chewing gum. It can do a lot more than that. Let me tell you about it.

Surprisingly gum relieves stress. In a study from Baylor College, people who chewed gum got a 3% higher test score than kids who didn’t. Who knew a single piece of gum could relieve stress and increase academic scores. I know I didn’t. If it did that I would chew gum all the time. It would be cool to have a less stressful life, especially during tests and school events.

Now a day’s kid are always getting in trouble and doing bad things. But did you know that gum can help bad behavior? A study from Baylor college shows that kids who chewed gum got in less trouble than kids who didn’t. They also wore nicer clothes and were nicer to little kids. They said that the flavor and how long it lasted got them to cut back on doing bad things. They would also compare who liked what flavor better.

Incredibly, there is one more way that gum can help kids. It can control your appetite so you eat less. More than 8% of the world is obese. If chewing a single piece of gum can help that why not bring it to homes, schools, and other outside programs. It means healthier people in this world by doing simple thing as chew a piece of gum. It also comes in different flavors, such as mint and tropical flavors. It is like chewing your favorite thing to eat.

In conclusion I think gum is a great and effective way to better our world. With less to worry about, you and many other people will have an easier life. Less kids doing bad things. More kids getting into college. Most of all, kids being less worried about their future and their worries. That is why I think gum is a good thing to have in…...

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