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1.0 Executive Summary
This report tells how BONIA Corporation Bhd expands its market into Japan market. In this research we know that Japan economy is growing and getting a job is getting easier. Even their social cultural is quite conservative due to certain festival they will wear their cultural apparel also they are up to date about latest fashion. So BONIA Corporation Bhd should know their capabilities when doing business in Japan fashion industry.

2.0 Introduction
BONIA Group is a high-end retailer which founded in 1974 by Mr. S.S Chiang and was the leading local leatherwear manufacturers and leading company of the quality leatherwear fashion house in Malaysia. The company converted into public limited company and changed its name to BONIA Corporation Berhad and being listed in Second Board of KLSE on 18 September 1994 and transferred to Main Board of Bursa Saham on 23 April 2007. BONIA Corporation had 700 sales outlet and 70 boutiques throughout the world.

3.0 Environmental Analysis Regarding Japan
3.1 Economic Factors Japan had a great economy since Japan GDP growth rate had increased from -6.3% in 2009 to 3.0% in 2010 which Japan became the 3rd largest economy in the world. This indicates that Japan economy growth is increasing. This means that Japan standard of living also had increased to a better standard where their GDP per capita had increase from RM32, 600 to RM34, 000. Japan unemployment rate had been decreased about 0.30% in 2010 which is 4.90% unemployment rate. This also means the Japanese purchasing power parity had increased RM0.164 trillion in 2010 due to many people had jobs to work and they will spend more due to they have higher purchasing power parity and lower unemployment rate.
3.2 Political Factors Japan is a constitutional monarchy where the power of the Emperor is very limited and assign as a symbolic role of chief…...

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