Ban on Smoking in Public Places

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Ban Smoking in All Public Places
Felicia N Nelson
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Ban Smoking in All Public Places
Smoking has become one of the burning issues of today’s democratic society. Despite the fact that many researches proved the harm that smoking inflicted on the health of a person, both smokers and non-smokers continue speculating about smoking and its hazardous impact. Naturally, legislators have become prone to banning smoking in public places in order to ensure health and safety of non-smokers, who want to avoid the exposure to cigarette smoke involuntarily. The smokers themselves share different viewpoints as to the smoking ban. However, the tendency is continuing toward the ban of smoking in the majority of public places, which include bars, restaurants, stores, workplaces and others. To protect nonsmokers, many states are banning smoking in public places (See Figure 1). In addition to the states that have been listed as having smoke free laws, 10 more states have enacted laws that prohibits smoking in one or two venues, but not all three venues.
This essay focuses on laws that will prohibit smoking in private-sector worksites,

restaurants, and bars. (See Figure 1) These three venues have been selected because they are a

major source of exposure for nonsmoking patrons in public places. The CDC considers a state

smoke-free law to be comprehensive if it prohibits smoking in these three venues. Some states

have enact laws that have less stringent smoking restrictions. The restrictions for smoking in

designated areas or away from buildings have the state laws not effectively eliminating exposure

to second-hand smoke. The only way to keep second-hand smokers safe is to eliminate smoking

in all public places.

Some states strictly prohibits any type of lighting up where there is a public gathering,…...

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