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Bali as a work of Art
Art as central activity of Balinese life
We have no art, we do everything the best we can
Why Bali focus on art? Bali is example of sociocentric culture
Persona-based self: It is the dramatis personae, not actore, tha
Dramatis persone: Persona = Mask, the mask the not only put on the faces, point the certain role
A face a people wear represent the role that they suppose to play. For example: mask life, role on stage, a part on drama, unique person with personal thought feeling and desire.
Why Balinese are different:
First name, highly individual, unusual names replace common names NAME
Name get more unique this day Bali: 4 types of name: First name utterly individual: often nonsense syllable, not much used, in adulthood becomes private, secret. Children most often called by birth order name: Wayan, Njoman, Made, Ktut. Ideal 4 kid in a family, 5th kid start again with Wayna and so on
Name is not gendered, third king id tiltle name is high statues used after marriage.
Teknonym: naming in terms of a relationship. Name to their youngest descendant: father of…, grandfather of …., keep changing if get younger and younger decendant.
Freud’s theory of Repression: Oedipus crisis: boy fears castration, also indentifies with his dad ( introjects), also introjects social rules (which dad symbolizes).
Scary person threatening punishment comes into self, scare one inside your head. Boy Felt angry about dad, believe dad had aggressive feeling to him.
When they boy introject dad: redirect to self, don’t do it. Repression: slpitting the mind in too part: Consious part: it is ok to think about and unconscious part: what forbidden to think about>
When to start think forbidden thing, Freud believe you fail inhibited, threatening yourself with punishment For example: ask someone to dancebut afraid, start imaging bad…...

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