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Everything that rises must converge In This novel it has culture and customs written all in to it .Julian mother seems racist on page 275-276 she was asking about slaves Julian quoted “there are no more slaves ,he said irritability , to his mother . When she said that his grandfather had a plantation and two hundred slave’s .Julian and his mother are two different generations .so they bump heads when his mother talks about her time period.
In the beginning of the book they was having complications with the ugly green hat. The mom wanted to put it on but she kept taking it on and off like she have insecurities or as it didn’t fit her present or use to be life style. Not only that she wore the hat it was an African American women also wearing it .Back in Julian’s mom days it would’ve put her on a higher pedestal because just to go to a YWCO class she puts on gloves and hats as a symbol of wealth and riches I think that probably opened up Julian mom eyes understanding that now in times we are more united than separate. Everything is equal.
Appearance is also in this text Julian mom thinks that appearance is everything she wears fancy looking clothing to had the fact that her family is no longer rich .But she still has that mindset she always look down on people but mostly blacks like referred before with the lady with the same hat as hers .A well-dressed African American man sit by Juliet with a professional suit even though he is better dressed she still aren’t on there so called “level”. Julian also predict things also even though he judge his mom about doing it .Juliet judges his neighborhood by their poverty houses ,but he takes his education to an advantage .Most people didn’t go to college so he used that to put him on a pedal stool.…...

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