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Back Up and Recovery

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Back up and Disaster Recovery

Back up
As our back up plan for this proposal we have decide to go with a full back up plan to back up all data on the existing Novell server , after implementation of our new network installation and server migrate all data, as a backup jobs selection we have decide to go with a full back up on a weekly basis and an incremental on a daily basis schedule to happen between 2 am and 4 am on which the network has less traffic and also less data changes, following this back up forms we can have a consistent back up procedure to ensure data is back up, also a backup restore to be tested every 30 days to ensure all data backup is correct and we have no corrupted files that also give us piece of mind we also have created an access group that only has access to the backup system there for making another layer of security also we have all data back up to an external site due to the interface of the software that comes integrated with backup servers, we have secure backup to up to two secure geo locations, reduplicated efficient back up storage, redundant disk base storage we can also manage all servers from the another backup server on the same network the backup schedule could be dynamic meaning that we have an option that lets the software decide when to do a full backup due to the bandwidth availability on a time range the flexibility of this interface will allow us to recover all data, schedule backup , and pick which systems to back up. With this system we can recover files immediately.

Back up Recovery Plan
* Data corruption or lost data * Server failure * Natural disaster

Data Corruption or lost data

In case of any data corruption the recovery plan is to locate the files on wich the data its corrupted and to locate the last good know back up of those files and restore this files data corruption or lost its one of the most common problems but with the software we use provide by barracuda its really easy to locate this files and restore

Server Failure

We have considered two types of failure hardware failure (a malfunctioning server or not operational) and Software failure (system corrupted or software malfunction). For hardware failure the recovery plan is to get the last known good back up of the machine and just back it up to a new machine and as for the software failure we utilize for our main systems raid which allows us to have a mirror of the server and just activated in case of any malfunction of the main one

Natural Disaster

In case of total destruction of one of the facilities we have our Cal location an outside the city location that keeps all data from all the buildings making this our only way of backup in case of this scenario happens to recover from this we have decided that the location that still is in working condition gets access to the data from this server until other locations are in working condition the good thing that with the software we have we have the option to have two geo locations outside the city just in case both places are affected by this natural disaster…...

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