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The Accounting Cycle and Accrual Accounting Concepts
Accounting Information System | Journal, Ledger Accounts, and Trial Balance | Cash-Basis Versus Accrual-Basis Accounting | Accrual Accounting Concepts | Adjusting Entries, Adjusted Trial Balance, and Closing | Self-Assessment
After learning about the income statement and the balance sheet in Chapters 1 and 2, we are now being introduced to the accounting cycle and certain underlying accounting concepts that influence the contents of those two financial statements. | | Accounting Information System | |
Just what, exactly, is the accounting information system? Is it a room full of computers and papers? Not necessarily. The accounting information system consists of data, papers to support the data, machines to process the data, and most importantly, people to report the resulting information to those who make decisions based on such information. Every organization that is engaged in transactions needs an accounting information system. This brings us to an important term used in accounting—a transaction! But what, exactly, is a transaction?

Identifying Business Transactions

A transaction is any event that involves an exchange or consumption of resources. A transaction could take place between a company and external parties (e.g., purchase of raw materials from suppliers or sale of merchandise to customers), or within a company itself (e.g., a company uses supplies that were purchased at a previous date and were held as an asset called Supplies until the date of use). Both events are recordable in the books of the organization. A Transaction Is an Economic Event | A transaction is an economic event that alters the financial position of the entities engaging in it. For example, when a company purchases a machine (or uses the services of another business) either by using its cash or on credit, it…...

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...This is a prediction of future cash receipts and expenditures for a particular time period. It usually covers a period in the short term future. The cash flow budget helps the business determine when income will be sufficient to cover expenses and when the company will need to seek outside financing. In its simplest form, cash flow is the movement of money in and out of a business. It could be described as the process in which a business uses cash to generate goods or services for the sale to its customers, collects the cash from the sales and then completes this cycle all over again. Keeping Inflows Flowing Inflows are the movement of money into your cash flow. It's understandably the cash flow component every business wants to grow. Inflows are most likely from the sale of goods or services to customers. If you extend credit to customers for example and allow them to charge the sale of the goods or services to their account, then an inflow occurs as you collect on the customers' accounts. The proceeds from a bank loan also count as cash inflow. Delaying Outflows as Long as Possible Outflows are the movement of money out of a business. It's also understandably the cash flow component every business owner wants to decrease. Outflows are generally the result of paying expenses. If your business involves reselling goods for example, then your largest outflow is most likely to be for the purchase of retail inventory. A manufacturing business's largest outflows will mostly......

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...Congo Limited | February($000) | March($000) | April($000) | Receipts | | | | Credit Sales | 2071 | 1957 | 2023.5 | Cash Sales | 268 | 245 | 207 | Payment | | | | Credit Purchase | 1745.25 | 1384.5 | 1365 | Overhead Expends | 266 | 296 | 236 | Salary and Wages | 456 | 496 | 476 | New Van | | | 126 | Tax | | 185 | | Net Cash Flow | | 25.5 | 153.5 | Bank Balance At The Start | 286 | | | Bank Balance At The End | | | | Cash Budget I agree with the statement that “budgeting is a key component in management short and long term planning”. Budgeting is a process of defining goals and planning actions in a period of time (Sullivan and Steven, 2003). Generally, Budgeting helps to facilitate the planning and provide information for managers to determine the future strategies. More specifically it contributes to the company’s performance in the following aspects in management short and long term planning. First, proper budgeting helps allocate the resources of the company. A proper budgeting usually covers the financial and time costs during a particular period of future time. As a company might involves multiple tasks in the same time, it is quite important for the company to allocate its resources (time, money and staff) to maximize the efficiency. For example, an IT company might invest a lot of money developing new products. But at the same time, it also has to manufacturing and marketing its existing products. If there is no......

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...UNION BUDGET 2014 - 2015 UNION BUDGET 2014 - 2015 INDEX o o o o Key Highlights Tax Rates: Direct Taxes Market movements: Equity & Debt Economic update: o o o Budget summary Revenue snapshot Expenditure snapshot Sector updates Financial Sector Mutual Funds o o Equity Market: Outlook and Strategy Debt Market: Outlook and Strategy 1 UNION BUDGET, 2014 - 2015 KEY HIGHLIGHTS On the back of a decisive mandate, the first budget of the NDA government has laid out a broad policy framework in terms of sustained growth along with fiscal prudence. The finance minister has presented the budget amidst challenges like sub 5% growth and high level of inflation. The budget stresses the need to revive growth in manufacturing and infrastructure sectors. It also highlights the importance of improvement in Tax to GDP ratio and Non-tax revenues. • Tax revenues budgeted at 10.6% of GDP in FY15. • Tax budgeted to grow at 20% in FY15 compared with 10% growth seen in FY14 • Assumption of nominal FY15 GDP growth of 13.4%. • Retains fiscal deficit target at 4.1% of GDP. • Increased divestment target of Rs 634 bn • Boost to domestic manufacturing and investments, particularly in infrastructure and export-oriented manufacturing sectors • PPF scheme annual ceiling enhanced to Rs 1.5 Lakh p.a. from Rs 1 Lakh at present • Personal income tax exemption limit raised by Rs 50,000/-, to Rs 2.5 Lakh • Investment limit under section 80C of the Income tax Act raised to......

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...CASE STUDY 3 - Cash Budget Template SCHEDULE OF EXPECTED CASH COLLECTIONS FROM CUSTOMERS: Credit Sales July August September Total Cash Collections August 12,000 14,400 26,400 SCHEDULE FOR EXPECTED PAYMENTS FOR PURCHASE OF INVENTORY Inventory purchases July August September Total Payments for Inventory Purchases August 32,500 22,500 55,000 Oxford Company Cash Budget For the Two Months of August and September Cash balance Add: Receipts Collections from customers Sale of plant assets Sale of new common stock Cash sales Total receipts Total Available Cash Less: Disbursements Purchases of inventory Operating expenses Selling and administrative expenses Dividends Equipment purchase Total disbursements Excess (deficiency of available cash over disbursements) Financing Borrowings Repayments Ending cash balance Please answer the 3 qualitative questions on the next tab called Qualitative Questions. August $10,000 26,400 12,350 51,000 89,750 99,750 55,000 6,750 12,500 19,000 93,250 6,500 3,500 $10,000 September 9,600 10,800 20,400 September 22,500 10,500 33,000 September $10,000 20,400 16,850 39,000 76,250 86,250 33,000 6,750 12,500 6,000 58,250 28,000 (3,570) 24,430 1) 2) 3) What are the three sections of a Cash Budget, and what is included in each section? Cash receipts section: This section includes cash that is expected to be recieved from company activity and customer payments. This includes money coming in from the sale of Cash......

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...Evaluate the problems they have identified from unmonitored costs and budgets (D3) a) Using the budget completed in P6, identify, analyse and evaluate the key costs which were left unmonitored. b) Evaluate which unmonitored cost will lead to (or may not lead) to severe problems for Gordon Brown Ltd. Justify your answer and make three recommendations on how to overcome the problems Inadequate planning: As in most businesses, Gordon Browns budget will involve planning for both short and long term needs of the business. If a business’s financial plans and budgets figures focus only on the short term, then there is a risk that future profit opportunities and real economic realities may be ignored /or not given adequate considerations. Gordon browns business needs to learn from past mistakes and avoid these mistakes in planning for the future. 1. Projections may be overstated. Budgets and projections needs to be realistic and achievable. Business decision makers and investors may be fooled by numbers in the short term, but in the end the company almost always gets hurt. A realistic budget takes gives adequate considerations to the business’ activities, competition, cost and state of the economy. It may lengthen the search for funding and profit, but when the money does arrive, it will be honest money. This helps to ensure that the business does not over-promise and under-deliver its targets. Stakeholders, customers and staff are also encouraged and......

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...The importance of cash budget may be summarised as follow:-(1) Helpful in Planning. Cash budget helps planning for the most efficient use of cash. It points out cash surplus, or deficiency at selected point of time and enables the management to arrange for the deficiency before time or to plan for investing the surplus money as profitable as possible without any threat to the liquidity. (2) Forecasting the Future needs. Cash budget forecasts the future needs of funds, its time and the amount well in advance. It, thus, helps planning for raising the funds through the most profitable sources at reasonable terms and costs. (3) Maintenance of Ample cash Balance. Cash is the basis of liquidity of the enterprise. Cash budget helps in maintaining the liquidity. It suggests adequate cash balance for expected requirements and a fair margin for the contingencies. (4) Controlling Cash Expenditure. Cash budget acts as a controlling device. The expenses of various departments in the firm can best be controlled so as not to exceed the budgeted limit. (5) Evaluation of Performance. Cash budget acts as a standard for evaluating the financial performance. (6) Testing the Influence of proposed Expansion Programme. Cash budget forecasts the inflows from a proposed expansion or investment programme and testify its impact on cash position.(7) Sound Dividend Policy. Cash budget plans for cash dividend to shareholders, consistent with the liquid position of the firm. It helps in following a sound......

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...lending arrangements with banks, yet they add to the cost of financing for the borrower. Why, then, borrowers agree to such terms? What other types of alternative financing are available? The borrowers agree to such terms because they use the compensating balance to pay for non credit bank sources such as cash management services must major firms have now negotiated for banks to use the corporations collected funds for compensation and use fees to cover any short fall. The other types of alternative financing that available is letters of credit that common arrangement in International Finance, account receivable financing, a secured short-term loan that involks either the assignment or the factoring of receivables. Inventory loan, a secured short-term loan to purchase inventory. QUESTION 2 (15 MARKS) KKRE Company is producing customized cardboard boxes in a variety of sizes for different customers. The company currently has a cash balance of RM 8,000 and it plans to purchase a new machinery in the next month (November) at a cost of RM 50,000. In order to take advantage of the discount offered, purchasing of the machinery will be made in cash. KKRE maintains a minimum cash balance of RM 6,000 for unforeseen contingencies. Following is the information regarding company’ projected sales. | |August |September |October |November |December | | |RM ......

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...Basel II Framework, the total of Tier 2 capital is permitted up to a maximum of: a) 100 per cent of Tier 1 capital b) 250 per cent of Tier 1 capital c) 80 per cent of Tier 1 capital d) 50 per cent of Tier 1 and Tier 3 capital Q.9) When the holder of an order Cheque sign on the back of it, without specifying the person to whom the amount is to be paid, it is called a) Full endorsement b) Partial endorsement c) Conditional endorsement d) Restrictive endorsement e) Blank endorsement Q.10) Difference between cash budget and cash flow a) Cash flow deals with cash and non-cash funds. b) Cash budget deals with cash transactions only. c) Cash flow statements are generally for quarterly of half-yearly while cash budgets are for shorter periods. d) Cash budget is a projection into the future while a cash flow statement is historical. e) Any of the above Q.11) Loan against minor’s term deposit a) Can be granted if the documents are signed if the minor has completed the age of 14 years b) Cannot be granted under any circumstances as the minor does not have the contractual capacity c) Can be granted to the guardian of the minor, if it is for the necessities of the minor d) Can be granted only with the permission of the Court. Q.12) Impact of IT on banks can be a) Change in organizational structure b)......

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...Key Features of Budget 2012-2013 Key Features of Budget 2012-2013 APPROACH TO THE BUDGET  For Indian economy, recovery was interrupted this year due to intensification of debt crises in Euro zone, political turmoil in Middle East, rise in crude oil price and earthquake in Japan. GDP is estimated to grow by 6.9 per cent in 2011-12, after having grown at 8.4 per cent in preceding two years. India however remains front runner in economic growth in any cross-country comparison. Monetary and fiscal policy response for better part of past 2 years aimed at taming domestic inflationary pressure. Growth moderated and fiscal balance deteriorated due to tight monetary policy and expanded outlays. Indicators suggest that economy is turning around as core sectors and manufacturing show signs of recovery. At this juncture, it is necessary to take hard decision to improve macroeconomic environment and strengthen domestic growth drivers. Twelfth Five Year Plan to be launched with the aim of “faster, sustainable and more inclusive growth”. Five objectives identified to be addressed effectively in ensuing fiscal year. If India can build on its economic strength, it can be a source of stability for world economy and a safe destination for restless global capital.         OVERVIEW OF THE ECONOMY  GDP growth estimated at 6.9 per cent in real terms in 2011-12. Slowdown in comparison to preceding two years is primarily due to deceleration in......

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...Prelude The Union Budget for 2012-13 (FY13) is to be presented in the Parliament on 16th March. As every year, the budget will be an event that would signal the direction set forth for the growth path of the economy. Global as well as the domestic investors would also be looking for signals. The attempt of the government to push for higher growth without sound economic fundamentals has further resulted in higher inflation, increased current account deficit, tighter inter-bank liquidity, and sub-optimal utilization of the tax payers’ money. The major expectations that surround the budget can be summarized as below: Sustainability in curbing government expenditure to check on the imbalances created by the fiscal deficit, without curbing consumption; Managing current account deficits and trade imbalances; Direction to catapult private investment, gross capital formation; Managing supply side constraints; and Empowering the under privileged with skills and knowledge for self-sustenance. A revival in investment cycle should be the way forward for the economy to drive a revival in productivity, rather than depending on consumption to drive productivity. Further, the supply side constraints, if exist for a prolonged period, would cripple the economy and the government would require greater fiscal and......

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