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I. Introduction
The purpose of this report is to explain what I did and learned during my internship period with T and T Holdings Limited. This report is also a requirement for the partial fulfillment of University of Eastern Africa Baraton degree program. The report primarily focuses on the assignments handled, working environment, successes and short comings that the intern did encounter when handling various tasks assigned by supervisor. It is also imperative that recommendations and suggestions be given reflecting on the intern’s shortcomings, successes, observation and comments. II. Description of T and T Financial Sercices
T and T holdings limited is a financial institution that started up around 14 April, 2008. It is generally involved in microfinance activities and currently provides three main services or products which are; small business lending, order finance, and salary based lending.
1. Vision
To be recognized as being among the best financial service providers providing customers with advice, information and services to meet their financial needs.
2. Mission
To make a positive difference in people’s lives through innovative financial products that are trusted and valued
3. Values
The values of ministry of finance are; Transparency and Accountability, Professionalism, Impartiality, Teamwork and Responsiveness and Personal integrity.

III. Duties and Responsibilities
I began my internship program on 15th February, 2011 with T and T. The internship was to last for eight (8) weeks. At T and T I was involved in a range of different tasks some of which were within my academic references and others that were beyond. The duties that I performed in the company while I was doing my industrial attachments were:
Compile and analyze financial information to prepare entries to accounts, such as general ledger accounts, and document business…...

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