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Assignment #3 Outback Steakhouse
Strayer University
May 15, 2011

I. For the following reasons the employee selection methods at Outback Steakhouse help the organization achieve a competitive advantage:
a. Effective selection provides many benefits. Hiring highly motivated employees who fit the organizational culture along with providing a positive employee experience keeps turnover low. Low turnover reduces disciplinary problems and diminish costs related to replacing employees.
b. Rigorous employee selection process rooted in Outback Steakhouse’s principles and beliefs help the organization hire employees able to keep the commitments of the company. Using a well thought out assessment and selection process can consistently assist in selecting the best and brightest employees. Identifying and selecting top performers is the key to achieving a competitive advantage.
c. The key for effective staffing is to balance job fit and organization fit, as well as achievement and potential, in ways that align staffing practices with HR strategy. Employee selection can accurately predict future performance. Employee selection can improve productivity, decrease turnover and surpass business objectives.
II. The following describes the importance of employee fit to Outback Steakhouse:
a. Outback recognized the importance of employee fit early on. They recognized you cannot send turkeys to eagle school. Smart leaders hire smart employees. If they start with the right people and provide a positive employee experience turnover stays low.
b. Outback employee selection for hourly and management is proprietary. Organization based fit is concerned with how well individual characteristics match the broader culture, values, and norms of the firm. Hiring employees with the right personality, values, and goals to work at the Outback.…...

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