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Assignment 1 Ethical Issues in Information

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Assignment 1: Ethical Issues in Information Systems
Antheus Bowden
CIS109 – Intro Mgt. Info Systems
Professor Arend Clayborn
November 21, 2015

Ethics issues in information systems is the subject of this research paper, and if I was to choose one particular issue that interested me the most, it would be Privacy. It personally affected me in the workplace, so this paper will illustrate what I know firsthand. I’ll identify some human and technological protective measures I would use as security safeguards and enforcement actions in order to address the Privacy issue, list some problems related to management information systems that may arise from this issue, and propose at least one solution to address the problem in question. Privacy is the right of individuals to retain certain information about them without disclosure and to have any information collected about them with their consent protected against unauthorized access. In the workplace unfortunately, what we consider private could potentially be the reason for our employment or even our termination. Employers have monitoring systems that can measure performance and determine time spent at desk, and organizations, institutions, and firms can gather personal information and enter it into databases for their personal gain. One protective measure to safeguard my privacy would be to use a “private browsing mode”. That limits the web history kept on the computer, which will prevent others from accessing history data. Another measure would be to use cryptography to hide the content of communications while they stream between the user and the person receiving the communication. There is also software that can used to protect instant messages or chat applications (ChatSecure for example). At the workplace, the simplest human act of safeguarding information is to lock the computer every time you…...

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