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Assignment 1
Sociological prospective

Functionalist theorist
Functionalism is a theory about the nature of mental states according to functionalism mental states are identified by what they do rather than what they are made of.
Emile Durkheim was a French sociologist he's theory was that if some thing happens to disrupt the order of society then society must adjust to achieve a stable state, Durkheim's theory also suggests that the society is a system that relies on each other and if one part is disrupted it has an impact on the whole society and no one can function.
An example of this that we can use may be Education , every one pays taxes so the money can be used to provide education for children once they have completed education they the go on to get a job this will then allow them to pay taxes in to the system for the next generation, but if this cycle was to go wrong and the child becomes a criminal the system aims to give them more education over time and they rehabilitate them back in society and they become tax payers again; The rules of society was created by' norms' and what he believed to be ethically right. Durkheim believed that bad behavior was needed in society and it was fairly normal in society and that it is needed in the social system for society to react about crime.
Durkheim proposed that society is made up of a number of social institutions organized to complete certain functions or beliefs norms and values are learned from these institutions and any one whom does no conform is known as deviant.
Primary socialization is needed in children so they learn the basic socialization skills and the 'norms' in society and what is thought to be the correct way to behave.
Oxana Malaya lived in a kennel for six years because her parents was alcoholics wo had abandoned her this lead to her behavior not being as the norm, she ran walked on…...

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