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Aasia bibi Case
According to a statement (1), Aasia Bibi claims that On June 8, 2009 she was working on a farm with her 3 Muslim co-workers. There a Muslim lady refused to drink water touched by a Christian. This led to a discussion on the religious beliefs of two communities. Following this, a number of hot exchanges took place between her and the Muslim women. After 8 days, Qari Muhammad Salim, a local maulvi, using three Muslim women as witnesses, lodged an FIR against her that she has committed Blasphemy. She was arrested on this basis. Qari Salim, told a CNN reporter that “Her death sentence was one of the happiest moments of his life. Tears of joy poured from my eyes".
The opinions of public have been divided on Aasia’s case. Some believes that she has actually committed blasphemy by insulting the Prophet. While some believes that the case was filed under pressure from influential local people, and is based on settling personal scores. (2)
Amongst the catalogue of violations to her basic human rights, a matter of grave concern is Aasia Bibi’s lack of access to legal representation. During the initial investigation conducted by SP Muhammad Amin Bokhari, she was deprived of following Basic Human Rights,
• She begged for a pardon several times as she did not understand the nature of her offence or what constitutes blasphemy.
• At no stage, was her crime explained to her.
• She had no access to a lawyer or any form of legal counsel during her long ordeal in jail.
• She has also stated that she was asked to put her thumbprint on documents she knew nothing about in court and no one was deputed by the court to explain the contents of these documents to her.
• A radical Maulvi in Peshawar's old mosque offered a 5 lac rupee reward to anyone who will kill Bibi.
Responses to Aasia Bibi’s sentence
On November 20, Salman Taseer personally met Aasia Bibi in…...

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