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Aristotle's Idea of Philia as Foundation for Human Relationships

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Chapter I
The Problem and Review of Related Literature


Man is a rational being who feels emotions. Our emotions make up a part if not most of our humanity. It can be also called passions like how it was used in antiquity. One of these emotions is love. To feel love and to reciprocate it is proper to rational beings such as the human person. But the term “love” has taken quite different meanings around the globe, a lot of persons even have their own notion of love. It is the one of the most elusive and abused term of mankind. It eludes definition for the reason that one really cannot exhaust love in one specific definition. As Benedict XVI said (2006, p. 7) “In our present context, the term “love” has become one of the most frequently used and misused of words, a word where we attach quite different meanings.” We human persons are capable of expressing and accepting love, since we are endowed with intellect and will aside from our passions. These faculties make it possible for a human to feel being loved and to love back in return. The faculty intellect is the one that perceives and comprehends love, where we can interpret it, while the faculty of the will is the one that is responsible for conveying and reciprocating love. Our acts as human beings such as loving are very much different from those of the animals’. This is because human acts require the use of both the intellect and the will. It requires knowing and willing a particular act, making it voluntary. Aristotle notes that “What is voluntary would seem to be that of which the moving principle is in the agent himself, he being aware of the circumstances of the action”(NE, trans. by Ross, 2001, pp. 967). But love is more than just a voluntary act. For love to be considered a virtue, it should also have to be a decision. Aristotle continues that “For both children and the lower…...

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