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Global Warming and Health
Jessica Parks
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There are many current events plaguing environmental psychologist, possibly more now than ever before. This is one of the ideals that are causing environmental psychology to become such a demanding field of study. This essay will tackle one small corner of the problem, global warming and the affects it will have on the health of the human race. Global warming is a phenomenon that is causing the general temperature of the earth to rise. This is affecting the earth’s atmosphere and oceans. Scientists have noted significant changes developing more rapidly in the last thirty years. These changes are a counteraction to global warming that is affecting life on the entire planet. No one or nothing is safe from the impact of global warming, plants animals, humans we are all subject to server changes of evolutionary proportion. One might ponder how global warming affects the average man; some say they see no difference. The changes are not apparent in ones day to day routine unless you become aware of the signs or symptoms of a changing planet (Time, 2006). Time magazine recently did a story called Global Warming: How It Affects Your Health. This article puts the affects of global warming on humans very plainly. According to this article the death toll that is related to climate change is going to double by the year 2030. The climate change is going to cause the population to encounter more frequent and impacting heat waves, the intense heat will have an affect the reproduction and migration of the insect population which will in turn increase the spread of disease. The rise of the ocean levels will not only impact ocean life but human survival as well, the air we breathe is even an issue due to global warming (Time, 2006). According to Time’s article one way oxygen intake will be…...

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